Russian Armed Forces


The Russian army begins to deploy roadblocks along the entire northern part of Syria

The Russian military who arrived in Syria began deploying checkpoints along the M4 highway.

The Russian military deployed to the area of ​​the Russian military airfield Kamyshly in northern Syria began deploying checkpoints and observation posts along the M4 highway. The increase is reported to be observed along the entire northern part of Syria, indicating that Russia intends to take control of the region.

"After the arrival, military police units began to deploy in the region and reinforce posts in the Tel Tamr area and in the vicinity of a number of other settlements along the M4 highway, in the Al-Qamishli-Aleppo section.", - the Russian news agency "Russian Spring" quotes the information.

There are no official comments from the Russian military command in Syria regarding the strengthening in the northern part of the Arab republic, however, it is assumed that the blame is the preparation of Turkey and the jihadists to attack the positions of the Kurds, as evidenced by the artillery and tanks being transferred to the region.

At the moment, a relatively calm situation is observed in areas with the Russian military, however, it was in these areas that Turkish artillery previously worked, and Turkish-backed jihadists attempted to expand control over northern Syria.

When the money has nowhere to go, you can at least pile up checkpoints all over the world.