The Russian army liberated Ozaryanovka, there are battles for Kurdyumovka

The Russian troops managed to completely liberate the settlement. Ozaryanovka.

At the moment, the information is unofficial, however, sources confirm the fact that this settlement, located in the Toretsky district of the Donetsk region, is completely under the control of the Russian military. Moreover, the source reports the beginning of the battles for Kurdyumova, from where the retreat of the Ukrainian army also began.

It is known that the Russian military managed to completely dislodge the Ukrainian units from Ozaryanovka. The latter retreated in a northwestern direction, heading towards the western outskirts of Bakhmut. This greatly simplified the process of taking control of this settlement. According to the source, the retreat of the Ukrainian army also allowed the Russian military to advance into the territory of the settlement. Kurdyumovka, located in close proximity, however, at the moment there is no information about the liberation of Kurdyumovka.

Taking control of n.p. Ozaryanovka and Kurdyumovka gives the Russian military an opportunity to either start advancing in the direction of Konstantinovka, or organize the encirclement of Bakhmut, however, for obvious reasons, real plans have not yet been announced.


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