Russian military aviation made a commotion at NATO military exercises and thwarted the active phase

Russian combat aircraft walked through the area of ​​NATO’s largest exercises, Dynamic Mongoose 2020.

NATO military exercises, which involved warships and submarines with various kinds of missile weapons, were unexpectedly frustrated by the appearance of a group of Russian anti-submarine long-range Tu-142 aircraft over the area, which completely unhindered the defeat of a large formation of potential enemy ships.

“A minimum of two anti-submarine aircraft in the far zone of the Northern Fleet Tu-142, accompanied by a tanker, are now carrying out another flight, presumably to the area of ​​the ongoing Dynamic Mongoose 2020 NATO naval exercises off the coast of Iceland. The report from the Norwegian and British sides will probably be published a little later.”- “Telegram” channel “Operational line” reports about it.

Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft were indeed accompanied by Norwegian and British air force fighters, however, Russian aviation was obviously able to make significant confusion in the exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance, because after the unexpected appearance of Russian aircraft, the active phase of the exercises was decided to be shifted to the next day.

It should be clarified that this is not the first time that Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft appear over the areas of NATO military exercises, obviously demonstrating their readiness to respond to provocative actions by the West, since such exercises are related to the development of military operations against Russia.

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