Russian "Kraukha" is able to disable the American missile defense system "Patriot"

Russian system "Krasuha" can demolish the American Patriot missile defense system.

As part of the analysis of the American Patriot air defense / missile defense system, it turned out that the American system can be completely turned off, while for the breakthrough neither hypersonic missiles nor combat maneuvering units are needed, in the development of which Russia has significantly succeeded in recent years. For this, it is sufficient to use electronic suppression and electronic warfare systems, the typical representative of which is the well-proven Krasukha.

“To process all the necessary information, the American Patriot system requires communication with spacecraft. Without the use of a special communication channel, this system cannot function at all, at least when ballistic missiles are destroyed. The Russian Krasuha family of electronic warfare systems can “jam” communications at distances up to 300 kilometers, and this is more than enough to disrupt the connection of the air defense / missile defense system with a satellite, not to mention the fact that Russia has much more effective electronic suppression systems ", - the expert marks.

In fact, this means that, if necessary, Russia can simply turn off the American missile defense systems that are within the range of electronic warfare, and the same applies to satellites.

“It is likely that this is precisely what caused the US excitement over Russia's statement about its readiness to“ jam ”communications with spacecraft, since in this case, the US missile defense system will simply be disabled”- sums up the expert.

Especially successfully worked on the Gazprom "Krasava" (compressors rubanula) - the technician is to blame.