Russian submarine armed with "Caliber" surfaced next to a US missile destroyer

The Russian submarine frightened the crew of the American destroyer Thomas Hudner with its abrupt appearance.

After the next appearance in the Black Sea of ​​a group of American warships, it became known that all submarines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy were promptly put out to sea... Earlier, the news agency had already reported this, however, as it turned out, in the future, very unfavorable consequences came for the US Navy warship - one of the Russian submarines, despite attempts to track it, unexpectedly appeared right in the area where the American warship was located. , causing panic among the crew.

The crew of the Russian submarine of the Varshavyanka project managed to covertly get close to the American warship and again become noticeable. Moreover, the fact that the Russian submarine is armed with cruise missiles "Caliber" obviously greatly worried the United States, since one such strike would be quite enough to destroy a warship.

It is worth noting that at the same time the American missile cruiser Monterey was in the Black Sea, and the events themselves took place against the background of escalation in the Donbass.


and where on the submarine "land"?

And who will ask them?

And ask them yourself or yourself! Whatever you are!))) Do you yourself know that you read and understood everything correctly? Perhaps we should start with this!)))

And who will ask them

There seem to be completely different boats. Or in the "cartoons" surfaced

on Varshavyanki, anti-carbs and torpedoes. These are generally boats for fighting enemy ships.

do they need to be notified in advance? or do they have a secret communication channel? or will they go on a demonstration at the gates of the Kremlin?

The oligarchs will not allow shooting at American boats, they have capital there and children live there.

Was the boat going to attack the ship? She just showed her stealth! There were moments in history when our boat surfaced in the Hudson and then left unnoticed!

On the submarine, ground-ground? Was there a destroyer in space?

Well, actually, not in front, but next to. Flared up and showed "guys we are here." Trouble among the amers because they did not notice. Why waste a caliber when you have enough torpedoes nearby.

The emergence of the sub next to the destroyer demonstrates to the enemy that we are tracking it and could destroy it at any moment. The calibers can be fired both along the coast and at ships, depending on the configuration, both from the underwater and from the surface position (from any distance within the TDC).

And Americans know they were scared

How did the couch warriors, who had not seen the Varshavyanka DPL, get excited? And this cannot be, and she was tracked down, and missiles she has ground-to-ground. Funny! At least they would have read it a little. The armament includes: * anti-ship missiles missiles 3M-54E, 3M-54E1,
* high-precision cruise missiles for hitting ground targets 3M-14E,
* anti-submarine missiles 91RE1.

Mikhailik-with-Vitalik. This is not "hide and seek" and not "tags": you are discovered - you must appear (emerge). Found - keep in touch, watch, there may be an order for destruction. Here, if it surfaced, it means that she herself wanted it. Sea-based ground-to-ground missiles are new. Nobody was going to destroy the ship, neither "in Macedonian" way, nor in any other way, that's why it surfaced, any weapon has the so-called. "dead zone" - the minimum distance of the possible application. And in the "neutral waters" there are no "policemen", everyone is limited only by their own capabilities, the Americans have been shown that their capabilities are limited, and this is in peace!

A few days ago, this site published a satellite image of the anchorage of Russian boats in Tartus. And where did this come from? Did they "bake" it during the night?

Believe further in your babble. This is how submariners act after successfully hitting a conditional target and show it in this way.

for the sheep: the sub has surfaced to show - here I am! we keep you in sight, and you were not expecting? She surfaced brazenly, because nothing threatens her in this situation, she showed herself and again dived about her business. In a combat situation, of course, there is no need for a submarine to get so close to the enemy, it is enough just to find him and press the "start" button.

Where is the panic? Show panic.

Quite right! A surfaced submarine is a discovered and considered destroyed

Well, what are we cool! We took it and surfaced next to a whole destroyer. All who surfaced - 150 each and a medal.

if the ross dpl can come up imperceptibly close, then it is clear why the torpedo is a squall)) the Yankees showed the capabilities of ross dpl

Everything is exactly the opposite. The sub has surfaced as it was located and tracked. Caliber missiles on it are ground-to-ground and do not threaten ships

I got caught, and that surfaced. How to destroy a ship with a "caliber" if the boat surfaced in front of it? In "Macedonian"?)))

This is impossible, it would have been immediately destroyed. It's like jumping out from around the corner and pointing a gun at a policeman.