Russian military aircraft appeared in the conflict zone of Kurds and Turks

Russia moved to active operations against pro-Turkish militants in northern Syria.

After the pro-Turkish jihadists made several attempts to storm the city of Ain Issa, where the Russian military were stationed, Russia not only strengthened its military posts here, deploying, according to some sources, up to 300-500 servicemen of the RF Armed Forces, but also began to transfer to the north of Syria its aviation, equipment and additional forces of military personnel, obviously, preparing not only to repel attacks by militants, but also to cleanse the northern part of the Arab republic from jihadists, in order to regain control over the border between Syria and Turkey.

According to a number of data, Russian military transport aircraft began to arrive in northern Syria with some cargo and additional personnel, as evidenced by the video footage that appeared. So far, there are no official statements on this score from the Russian military command, however, judging by the fact that the military airfield in the city of Kamyshly has begun to be actively used, Russia has quite seriously decided to approach the solution of problems in northern Syria.

What kind of equipment was delivered to the northern part of the SAR by Russian military transport aircraft is not reported, however, it seems that it is about transferring not only trucks here, but also armored vehicles, artillery, etc.

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