Russian "Caliber" failed with the tasks

The Russian caliber cruise missiles could not be launched during a crucial mission.

The Russian information publication RBC reports that the Russian Caliber cruise missiles, as well as the P-29 nuclear ballistic missile, could not be launched within the framework of the strategic exercises Grom-2019 for the intended purposes.

“It was supposed to work out 15 minutes. But the Caliber team did not leave the first team. As a result, the missiles flew away, but not at the first attempt and after the use of the backup launch systems ”, - reports the source of "RBC".

It should be clarified that representatives of the Russian defense department have already reacted to the appearance of such information, however, only the incident with the P-29 intercontinental ballistic missile was denied - no official statements were made about the Russian Caliber cruise missiles.

It should be noted that the West also reacted to the emergence of information about the occurrence of the incident during the strategic exercises, emphasizing that this may indicate inaccuracy of data on Russia's readiness for a military conflict.

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"... this may indicate the inaccuracy of data on Russia's readiness for a military conflict."
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