Russian complexes "Chameleon"


Russian complexes "Chameleon" have been successfully tested against Turkish UAVs "Bayraktar TB-2"

Russian complexes "Chameleon" proved to be effective against the Turkish shock and reconnaissance Bayraktars.

Despite the fact that the appearance of the Russian electronic warfare systems "Chameleon" became known only about two weeks ago, it turned out that these countermeasures could already be successfully tested against the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, not only in Syria, but also, probably even in Karabakh, since during the conflict in this region it became known about the use of some electronic warfare systems, and assumptions that we are talking about the Russian "Krasukha-4" could be erroneous.

Information on this score is also confirmed by the information resource "Sokha", noting that while Turkey boasted of the success of its weapons, Russia has successfully created a means to combat it.

With their fairly compact dimensions, the complexes can be used on any technique, while the range of the Chameleon is relatively small - about 9 kilometers, but this is more than enough to successfully deal with both small drones and shock reconnaissance UAVs with a short range, however, more importantly, the system developed by the Russian military is capable of effectively countering kamikaze drones.

Well done! I am proud of you! We are military, and there are no former military men, we are sure that Russia was and will be, that they will intimidate us
that the country is in good hands.
Thank you for the complex "Chameleon."

And the poster indicates up to 7 km - where is the truth?