Air defense radar


Russian air defenses control flights of all F-35s and F-22s over the Mediterranean Sea and the entire Middle East

Russian air defense systems fully control the movement of any f-35 and F-22 fighters over the Mediterranean6, Africa, and the Middle East.

The deployment of over-the-horizon "Resonance-NE" radar stations by Russian allies in Africa and the Middle East allows the Russian military to track F-35 and F-22 fighters appearing in the area with an accuracy of several meters. One of the "Resonance-NE" radar stations is deployed on the territory of Egypt, the second - on the territory of Iran, and the "Container" radar station, located on the territory of Mordovia, allows the Russian military to freely use air defense systems against any enemy in this region.

At the moment, dozens of F-35 fighters are under the sights of Russian radars, in particular, most of them are located in Israel, some at the Royal Air Force base in Cyprus, and another part are aircraft used for rotation at US air bases in the Middle East. ... Even taking into account the limited radars of the S-400 complexes, although their radius is 600 kilometers, it is possible to open fire on targets without them - the radar means are able to fix the target and bring a missile fired in this direction to it.

“While the United States and its allies were thinking about how to achieve complete superiority in this region, Russia and its allies have created a powerful air defense network. Although it is not officially advertised, on the basis of Russia's military cooperation with Egypt, Syria and Iran, these countries are actively exchanging data on the flights of any missiles and fighters ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that earlier the "Resonance-NE" and "Container" radars were actively tested against F-35 fighters near Iranian borders at the beginning of this year.

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