ACS Pion


Russian heavy 203-mm self-propelled guns 2S7 "Pion" seen moving towards Donbass

Railway train loaded with heavy 203 mm. ACS 2S7 "Pion", seen moving towards Donbass.

A huge train, on the platforms of which heavy self-propelled artillery mounts 2S7 "Pion" with a caliber of 203 mm were seen, headed from Smolensk towards the border with Ukraine. Previously, such self-propelled guns have never been deployed near the Ukrainian border. Now this raises a number of questions regarding the emergence of such a need.

In the presented video frames, you can see the movement of a train with heavy artillery pieces placed on platforms.

Judging by the video fragment, we are talking about at least five heavy artillery pieces, which, by the way, are capable of firing nuclear weapons specially designed to inflict enormous damage on the enemy and destroy strategic important objects.

It is known that the train loaded with heavy 203 mm. self-propelled artillery guns, moved towards Voronezh, however, the specific destination has not yet been found out.

The maximum strike range of the Pion self-propelled guns reaches 47,5 kilometers. This, with a huge caliber, makes this weapon very formidable for any enemy.

It is not visible in the video that he is moving towards the border with Ukraine, and the station shown in the video may also be in Transbaikalia.

And in the United States, how does the vehicle move and load onto ships there are no messages?

The Russian Armed Forces have the Tarnada-S MLRS, with a 300 mm guided projectile and a firing range of up to 120 km. There is Iskander. Finally there is "Caliber". Why complicate things so much?

We have a lot of things on our territory, which a potential adversary does not need to know about.

Why would you shoot such a thing, tell me. Spies have a sad future

Russia on its territory can pull what it wants to any border. And if we consider that the West is supplying Ukraine with weapons, then they are right next to that border.

What media? Name?? Already in every smartphone there is a camera (if not in the know), but even despite this, for seven years there is not a single reliable picture of "Russian invaders" in Donbass

New times. New rules. D.b.
Or all for Gretta in the Stone Age?
By the way, there are more enemies in the headquarters than in the media ...

Media foreign agents in Russia ... the West is a godsend for spies))

Well, here is one of two things, or I really want to go to prison or so it is necessary.)))

And where is the confidence that in the direction of Donbass? It is not close to it from Smolensk - 1200 km, so not all trains from Smolensk go to Donbass :)

I watched the video five times.
"Peony" was not found. And if there is, it's not in Cuba,
but at home.

With such Russian media, the West does not need intelligence, everyone will ring out.