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Russian troops have already been urgently deployed to the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan

The troops of the 102nd Russian military base were urgently deployed to the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

After it became known about another breakthrough of the Armenian border by Azerbaijani troops and the official request of the acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan that Yerevan needs military support from Moscow, it became known that the Russian troops deployed on the 102nd Russian military bases in Gyumri and Yerevan were urgently deployed to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border due to the risk of an attack by Azerbaijani forces on the territory of Armenia and the seizure of the territory of the Syunik region.

“The Russian 102nd military base is transferring troops to the Syunik region of the Republic of Armenia, where the Azerbaijani armed forces have invaded. This decision was made after the appeal of the acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Pashinyan turned to Putin with a request for military assistance in accordance with the Armenian-Russian bilateral agreement on mutual assistance. Russia, as the guarantor of Armenia’s security, supported its ally, but Moscow continues to insist that the issue be resolved through negotiations ”, - reports the Armenian edition “”.

Apparently, the tension in the region has reached a new level, and although there have been no military clashes between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces, it is known that Azerbaijani military equipment has already been deployed on the border, and Azerbaijani drones periodically appear near the Armenian border - judging by According to network sources, it may well be a Bayraktar TB2 UAV.

When the Nazis attacked the USSR, not Russia, Armenia was not an independent state, it was part of the USSR.

the last one for whom?

He served in the village of Pushkino. missile part 7701

The USSR marched through these republics with a parade for a week, the Baltic states of Moldova, before the Second World War, and the recent events with the Georgian-Ossetian conflict showed that the republics with the population of the city of Moscow or St. Petersburg take on a lot and count on the indecision of the Kremlin ...

Sergey, We are already at war with the Turks in Syria .. This is not a factor at all

we forgot that when the Nazis attacked Russia, Armenia was an independent state with a non-aggression pact :))

Don't confuse those Armenians and those of today with each other. Today, every Armenian is either a swindler or a thief. How many people have been slaughtered by such "Armenians" on the streets of Russian cities in recent years?

He is already there!

And when the Nazis attacked, didn't the same Armenians stand next to the Russians, or the memory is short !!!

Who only dreams about it. In fact, we don’t rent anything to anyone.

It already exists! That will sell all the paintings and go to Turkey !!

no need to provoke the Turks, we are not under Catherine and Peter

Interesting, here they are asking us. When the US or Turkey attacks us, will they do their duty and stand with us at the last hour?

You are either a provocateur or just a fool. The Ottoman Empire was in the Balkans and the Near East, and not in Central Asia. The Caspian countries have agreed not to let troops from non-Caspian countries into the Caspian. Central Asia is the sphere of influence of Russia and China, as well as the United States, India, and not Turkey. She is away. And Turkey receives resources from Russia, Azerbaijan and the Arab countries. They are closer.

Withdraw our troops from Armenia. Get out of the CSTO.
Let the Armenians deal with the Azerbaijanis themselves.
For whose interests our guys will die?

And what other sanctions remained that were not introduced ?? We live our whole life under sanctions, both under the USSR and now, we are no stranger to it.

Could you provide yourself 10 years ago that Azerbaijan would dare to provoke Russia? Russia is losing ground

The next stage of the West to blockade Russia, the task of the Turks to open a land corridor through the territory of Armenia and connecting with Azerbaijan to reach the Caspian is an operational space, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, huge Turkic human and economic resources, Russia will receive the Ottoman Empire, the question is whether there will be a new Suvorov ...

we will help, prepare the loot, capitalism in the Russian Federation

I think it will be new sanctions from the United States and the ruble exchange rate of 100

Everything will be fine, the Russians will help everyone, we are peacemakers