Russian military in Syria


Russian military refused to build a new base in Syria

The Russian military has been banned from building a new military base in northern Syria.

An attempt by the Russian military to significantly strengthen its presence in northern Syria by building a new military facility here failed due to the fact that, despite the support of Damascus, residents of the Malikia region (northeastern part of Syria - ed.) Stated that they did not will allow the Russian military to be in this territory, and, moreover, explaining this for an incredible reason.

According to Kurdish media, residents of the Malikia region refused to build a base in northeastern Syria for the Russian military, fearing that the Russian military might seize oil fields located here, which is completely untrue, although in fact, the local population is actively smuggling Syrian oil. to neighboring Turkey and carries out supplies for the needs of the United States. Moreover, experts believe that the very opposition from the residents of northeastern Syria is due to pressure from the United States, since Washington is also trying to gain a foothold in this part of the Arab Republic, fearing that it will lose control over Syria altogether.


He does not invest his own money, but yours

There is nothing to talk about.

Other sources write that the base will be.

It looks like it was translated from English into Russian and translated very poorly, this is alarming and causes distrust of the words of the author

Donbass! Donetsk basin.

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And let's think why the locals are against it, it's also their oil, why should they give it to someone, and why there were Russian bases against Russia in northern Syria In Africa, as a result of Russia surrendering to Turkey, the locals became refugees and Turkish terrorists entered it, that's why don't trust Russia

DO NOT pass off your fantasies as reality.)

It's okay - we need to intensify the fight against oil smuggling by all available means ...

Well, this can be easily solved. The Syrian army will roll up its hailstones and cover up this smuggling, as at one time the oil tankers of the ISIS who were carrying oil to Turkey burned

Bullshit! First, there can be no question of any base there, since it is NOT NECESSARY there: it is enough that no one will take out a single bucket of oil from there without the control of the RF Armed Forces. Secondly, if necessary, no one will ask the locals.

Aha! Especially from Crimea and Dombas and Abkhazia and Egypt and Turkey, China and India. Too lazy to list.

Apparently everything is already divided there, we are superfluous there.

Russian tradition: ruble-entry-exit 100!

They are afraid of losing money.

residents should determine what they need - it should be everywhere and not only in Syria.

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Who will ask the local natives at all) Naive)

The correct decision of the Syrian smugglers, the SOLDIERS will be more whole ...

The presence of nuclear weapons and their effectiveness.

Well done, you are a brave warrior.

It is not a problem that the locals were forbidden to build a military base for our military, but by using and improving our latest military equipment, we can destroy the oil convoys going to Turkey or used by the US army.

Whatever money Putin invests, he is driven from everywhere with a nasty broom ...

This is such an injustice, like! And, if the idea with the base was initiated by the Americans, then they would have brought everything on a silver platter!