Russian bomber PAK DA will be armed with the most unique hypersonic strategic missile Kh-95

The PAK DA bomber will receive the Kh-95 strategic missile.

The newest strategic bomber of the PAK DA project, being developed by Russian aircraft manufacturers, will receive the Kh-95 strategic hypersonic cruise missile. The latter, taking into account the information voiced, will probably have a flight range of up to 4-5 thousand kilometers, and, according to a number of assumptions, may well be equipped with a nuclear warhead.

At the moment, there is practically no information about the newest Russian hyper-sonic missile X-95. There are suggestions that she, as well as the PAK DA bomber itself, is still in development. Nevertheless, taking into account the development of hypersonic technologies in Russia, it is logical to assume that the missile will be designed not only to successfully break through the enemy's air defense / missile defense areas, but also to inflict colossal damage on the latter.

Previously, it was assumed that the Kh-95 missile would be a kind of Kh-47M2 missile, which is part of the Kinzhal aviation missile system, however, given that the missile will be strategic, it is obvious that the combat performance of the Kh-95 will be significant higher.

Taking into account the fact that the PAK DA strategic bomber will be adopted by Russia only by the end of the decade, experts believe that the Tu-95 strategic missile-carrying bombers will initially be armed with the X-160 hypersonic missiles, especially since the latter have already been modernized.