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Russian UAV "Orion" began to oust Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2 from the market

Russian UAV "Orion" began to displace Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2 from the market.

Despite the fact that Turkey was able to advertise well its Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles, it became known that a number of countries that were considering the acquisition of Turkish drones switched their attention to the newest Russian attack UAV Orion - the latter was able to demonstrate its promise in Syria - the drone successfully destroyed targets, remaining unnoticed by enemy radars.

According to the American publication "The Drive", despite the fact that the design of the Russian attack drone resembles the outdated American MQ-1 Predator drone, the Russian UAV has a certain potential, and it can be put on a par with the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, and In terms of export potential, the capabilities of the Russian Orion may turn out to be much higher.

According to a number of sources, today at least four countries are interested in purchasing Russian Orion attack UAVs, moreover, we can talk about the sale of 30-40 drones, which indicates that today the Russian development may well compete with other manufacturers of these drones, including Turkey, China, etc.

Let's forget about the "wartime states". Absolutely. RF is not the USSR. There are no resources for "wartime". And NATO and the United States are not the Third Reich in terms of resources. There is no need to build new wars according to the patterns of the last century.

Wishful thinking

Well, it depends on where. If they talk about Turkish or American, then both of them actively transmit information to their militants, or try to convey it somehow. Plus, everyone has radars there, even Israel is monitoring aircraft over Syria ... you have to watch what they write.

If it does not bother you, then provide marketing research on the size of the market WAS and a preliminary list of countries that are planning to purchase zero from the point of view of the history of the use of firewood in the Russian Federation? One gets the feeling that you are promoting far-fetched and not reliable information to us!

Russia in terms of UAVs lagged behind Turkey by at least 5 years, this Orion is a piece of scrap metal and Russia is unlikely to be able to catch up with Turkey

Such nonsense auto writes straight funny, What radars can the opponents have ???????? ISIS XD

This should not be done in any case. In peacetime, weapons must be supplied to the army in small batches. At one time, the USSR equipped the army with tens of thousands of tanks, spending a colossal amount of budget money. And after 15 years, it all turned into a pile of obsolete useless scrap metal.

"the drone successfully destroyed the targets, remaining unnoticed by the enemy's radars"!
Where are the videos that are the best proof and the best advertisement?
The Turks did it very well.

anyone interested, small aircraft engines are produced by the Rybinsk plant! I can declare this responsibly. I myself saw such engines, saw how they are attached to paratrikes. (paramotor on a cart for 2 people). Pretty reliable motor.

That is, it indicates that there are opportunities, maybe, quite possibly, there is no specifics, but the title of the article confidently indicates that it has begun to displace.

and that their own forces have already fully provided the UAVs according to wartime states?)))

I wrote about the engine, we order rotax on Ali-express. That's what everyone does. about optics you are mistaken, Shvabe makes norms. And, for general development, the most expensive is the management system. We have our own.

In 2017, ORION was presented at the air show. In 2020 he was accepted for service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. There were flaws and there were problems in 2017-2019. The fact that it was accepted says that something good was done, but most likely they will still edit ... By the way, our media and the Russian Ministry of Defense did not announce an attack on the oil column (information is given by the Arab media), therefore testing continues in a successful manner )) American F 35 fifth generation., Is already recognized by everyone as an extremely "raw machine". We have not heard anything about our defects, only pilot versions and beautiful flights.))

I also came across information that we have an ass with the engines, therefore our UAVs do not go further than prototypes. And to press the Turks with such a cool Karabakh advertising campaign is another sur ala serial 5th generation fighter, a new aircraft carrier and 100 armatures a year.

MIG 31 can fight at an altitude of 20 km and reach speeds of up to 3000 km / h and a phased radar, which in 2000, not all NATO vehicles. This is by the way about "a car with engines" .. Let, but it was not equal and now there are not many.))

Overtake in a circle. The only question is what. Second?

UAV "Orion" began to develop at least 10 years ago, the exact date is unknown. Indeed, Igor, in Russia they did not deal with small piston engines. Only by 2018, the Itlan Engineering Center, which was directly involved in the UAV engine, probably solved the problem of debugging a 100 horsepower engine. Test tests with UAVs seem to be faster and easier than with airplanes. By the beginning of summer 2020, Orion was put into service. Also with optics - according to the results, it is there ..))) By the way, "Bayraktar" consists of Canadian and Australian components ...

With the optics, everything is fine, the Turks have it stupidly abroad. But the engines are not very good. The Turks also buy from abroad, but they also try to do it themselves.

I will tell you much more health, more that the Orion drone can be improved so much that it will work on the principles of UFO energy.
AS? I think many have heard about KOZYREV'S MIRRORS, and who have not heard, just score on the Internet.
So the principle of the structure of Kozyrev's mirrors can be applied, including military technologies, including the Orion drones

The main thing in a UAV is an economical piston engine and all-weather optics! I read on the internet that we have problems with the engine and optics at the moment! So sorry, I don’t believe it! I will be glad if you, as an aviation lover, refute my deeply pessimistic opinion!

we will not be caught up when we are always in the tail

Turkish ones are still more elegant :) And this is just a pipe with an engine. Well, as the people called the MiG-31 - a carriage with engines :) I wonder what kind of engine Orion has. Suspension points are not visible. Maybe this is purely a scout / observer in the photo?

You see, dear Igor, but the Russian General Staff and even our media say ANYTHING about this raid on a convoy transporting oil to Turkey ... Does it surprise you? Or do you only draw conclusions about "trust" based on the "successful actions of drones" on non-working radar and air defense systems?
All information from Arab sources, even Turkey does not seem to say anything ...)))

Who would doubt about our developers.

The whole world saw the successful actions of Turkish drones on screens, and our achievements so far only in words! And words and cartoons have not been trusted recently!

you words: "Kakie radari ...?" Answer: "Turkey has supplied air defense systems for the PNS in Libya to protect the Mitiga airport," said LNA spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari, quoted by the Egyptian information portal "Al-Ahram ..."

No one has ever concealed in our country that the "groundwork for new ideas" is drawn from the promising projects of the USSR. The fact that the United States considers the RF Armed Forces to be a dangerous adversary is an immutable truth, but it does not reveal the whole "secret of Polichenelle" - the US Army is Hollywood's success))

"Russian attack UAV Orion - the latter was able to demonstrate its promise in Syria - the drone successfully destroyed targets, remaining unnoticed by enemy radars"
this is from the same series of phrases that was used in the Soviet film Operation "Y" and other adventures of Shurik
-Only seven hundred and forty gas stoves will be installed in it alone, that is, 740 times more than there were in our city before 1913!
what was not in 1913 was xaxaxa gas stoves
I know this positive vision, but it won't help when there is nothing in Russia, and Putin's Russia is simply reaping everything that was invented in the Soviet Union, and I do not forget how Putin gave the moon rover, technology to China and the United States.


and which range of countries is it?

"Russian attack UAV Orion - the latter was able to demonstrate its promise in Syria - the drone successfully destroyed targets, remaining unnoticed by enemy radars" ---- Kakie radari protivnika ???? iz radarov u nix tol'ko - glaza ...