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Russian general in Syria: we told the Turkish side not to approach

The Russian military informed Turkey of the consequences of approaching the Syrian military.

Against the backdrop of ongoing discussions on the August 19 incident in Syria, when an air strike was carried out on a Turkish convoy, it became known that the Russian side warned Turkey in time about the consequences of trying to disrupt the important offensive operation to liberate Khan Sheikhun.

“We told the Turkish side not to approach the theater of operations in Idlib province”- quotes a representative of the press of the Russian headquarters Major General Alexei Bachin a number of resources.

On the other hand, Western media reported that one of the Turkish F-16s was nevertheless seen in the airspace above Khan Sheikhun, however, according to a number of sources, the Turkish Air Force aircraft, which nevertheless entered the airspace of the ATS, did not flew up to Khan Sheikhun at a distance closer than 140-150 kilometers.

Earlier, journalists of the Turkish edition of Independent Turkish published a picture that allegedly captured the Russian Su-24 front-line bomber, which, according to journalists. and attacked a column of Turkish military, but officially these data were not confirmed.

That's right, it's time to end the war in Syria. Time is already playing against us. There is no need for a second Afghanistan, and whoever hinders it, you just need to destroy it, not looking at anyone.

And only so when approaching to shoot down without delay !!!