Is the Russian MiG-31BM fighter shot down by a P-33 rocket?

The missile shot down a Russian MiG-31BM fighter.

According to the information provided by the Baza.io resource, referring to the report published by Aviaprom, the supersonic MiG-31BM interceptor fighter, which was reported by the media in April of 2017, was destroyed by the P-33 rocket.

“... the accident of the MiG-31 aircraft was the result of an omission in the activities of officials in the organization of the LUT [tactical flight exercises - Approx. ed. “Base”] (at LTU, a method of searching and destroying the target with two MiG-31 aircraft was used, which did not exclude their mutual getting into the zone of allowed launches of the P-33 guided missiles) ... ”- said in the message.

In fact, this means that the combat aircraft was shot down due to the failure of the “friend-foe” recognition system, which was caused by the proximity of two combat aircraft.

It should be clarified that the incident was avoided as a result of the incident - the crew managed to eject and did not suffer, which causes a number of questions to the experts as to whether the data on the missile hit the aircraft correspond to reality, but no official comments were submitted to this effect.

Dear Vitaly, they launched a target. It does not have state equipment. recognition.

They made a start on the target. There is no state equipment. recognition.

What is the reason for such cases I don’t know - but I do know for certain that this is not the only case in the history of our Air Force. At the end of the 80s at the test site in Sary-Shagan, Kazakhstan, at the indicated flights for foreign buyers, the lead on the MIG hit the lead again on the MIG. They explained later that there was a re-capture of the rocket head instead of the target of a brighter target. That is, the launch was carried out on a target, of course, not responding to "one's own", and then there was a retake of already "one's" aircraft.

--- 21 PFM! Especially for you said! : "friend or foe" system blocks start !!! The launch itself is impossible for the target from which the answer "your" was received ...

State system recognition blocks the launch of missiles when receiving a response from "their".

Bardak terrible in combat training.

State system identification has nothing to do with it. The missile is equipped with a radio fuse which gave the command to undermine the warhead when receiving a reflected signal from the nearest piece of iron. Pure security breach.