A Russian fighter jet destroys a Turkish M60 tank in Idlib with a direct hit

The moment the Turkish M60 tank was destroyed by a Russian combat aircraft was captured on video.

Russian military aircraft have resumed striking terrorist positions in the Syrian province of Idlib. So, in addition to strikes on the areas of deployment of jihadists, the Turkish M60 tank, previously transferred to the militants by Turkish troops, was destroyed. The strike was so accurate that the armored combat vehicle was torn to pieces.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the attack of the Russian Aerospace Forces fighter on the position of the tank of the Turkish jihadists in the Jebel al-Zawiya area. Apparently, the heavy combat vehicle of the militants was deployed here for further transfer to the front sector, but just a few minutes after the tank appeared in the open area, it was destroyed by a direct blow from a Russian fighter.

At the moment, it remains unknown when exactly the heavy armored vehicle was transferred to the Turkish militants, possibly a year earlier. And a few days ago, Turkish tanks entered the territory controlled by the militants and some of the military equipment and weapons were transferred to the jihadists. Nevertheless, thanks to the strikes of Russian planes, the terrorists are quickly deprived of Turkish weapons, which causes anger on the part of Ankara.

Here, just don't LA-LA about four tanks! What are you, blind? There were 10 tanks ... behind a bush ... and also a submarine!

I looked three times! There were four tanks! They stood side by side! Well done Russians! Tanks knocked them out! These are not tomatoes to supply them to us! Five tanks to shreds with one shell!

Not tanks, not planes, not ships will not help you-Turks! Only Ataturk can help Turkey. But, alas, the current Renjap is weak in the knees and will soon drop them in anticipation of great mercy!

The Turks probably have all the tanks in place, but "... the Turkish M60 tank, previously handed over to the militants by the Turkish troops ..." is no longer there.

No, well, there is some kind of bump, only the rocket hit next to the bump, about two meters away.

The key word is theirs. But not only they have tanks.

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But the Turks say that all their tanks are in place.