Russian Su-57 fighter flew over part of Ukraine

Russian Su-57 spotted over Ukraine.

The newest fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57, under circumstances currently unknown, was seen in the sky over Ukraine. How exactly the Russian combat aircraft ended up in the territory of the neighboring state is not known, however, judging by the data of open information and monitoring resources, the Russian Sushka really flew the entire eastern part of Ukraine.

On the presented map you can see that the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 was spotted near the Ukrainian capital. Civilian air traffic monitoring services have indeed identified the aircraft as a Russian aerospace fighter, and it is a fifth generation fighter.

It would seem that with the capabilities of a Russian combat aircraft, the Su-57 could really easily have reached Kiev, however, experts believe that the fault was in the failure of identification tools, for which there are several reasons, including the low altitude and speed of flight, the remoteness of the area from the nearest Russian air force base, transponders included, etc.

“If necessary, the Su-57 could really reach Kiev, but here, it is likely that this is only a failure, and, in reality, it is most likely an unmanned aerial vehicle. It’s another matter that such a malfunction could have been created artificially, for example, by sending fake data to the air, however, this would mean that they admire the fifth generation Russian combat fighter even in Ukraine, and for Kiev it would be a very painful blow. ”, - the expert suggests.

The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on such information.