Corvette Mercury


Russian "stealth" corvette "Mercury" will be equipped with unique weapons

The invisible corvette of the project 20386 "Mercury" will be equipped with new technologies.

The corvette is considered Project 20386 "Mercury", during the construction of which stealth technologies were used. These technologies make it possible to include a radio-absorbing coating in the design of the "Mercury". The ship will have to express the radio signal like a minor boat.

However, according to Interfax reports, the invisible corvette may not enter the structure of the Russian Navy, as it may become an experimental ship for developing technologies.

As noted by Interfax, this project was based on the principle of modularity, which can allow the installation of temporary weapons in the corvette, which will help to expand the range of tasks to be solved. Also, the invisible corvette will have a greater speed and cruising range. In addition, it provides for balancing a set of weapons and advanced electronic equipment, and robotic installations.

In turn, the construction of a new such ship may be delayed, since the technologies incorporated in it have not yet been developed. Therefore, it is possible that the corvette is unlikely to be transferred to the Russian Navy. Most likely, it will be involved in research and development work.

Such a ship may well carry pieces of 8 caliber missiles and air defense systems needle caliber missiles, of course, with an atomic or nuclear tactical warhead, I sometimes call atomic weapons nuclear, it was necessary to explain ...?

"The ship will have to express the radio signal like a minor boat." (from)
Probably the latest technology.