Russian Su-57 was named "loser" among the F-35 and F-22

The fifth-generation Russian fighter aircraft was named for losers.

According to the Russian edition of "," referring to the data of the magazine "The Aviationist", the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 is an unsuccessful clone of the American F-22 and F-35. The prospects of the Russian aircraft, according to experts, is absent as such.

"The plane is considered by many analysts as a kind of clone F-22 and F-35 with many flaws and does not correspond to the design tasks" - the words of the specialists of the Russian edition.

The foreign publication itself notes that the refusal of a number of countries to purchase the Russian Su-57 indicates that Russian aircraft manufacturers have suffered a fiasco, noting that one should not even talk about the survivability of the Russian fighter.

“F-22 and F-35 are designed to be used by the US Air Force for offensive and defensive purposes in contested airspaces, penetrating integrated air defense systems (IADS) and air and ground targets with minimal detection risk and maximum survivability. Russian aircraft, it seems, adheres to a different philosophy ", - notes "The Aviationist».

Earlier, Russian experts did recognize the Su-57’s lag behind the American F-22 and F-35 in terms of speed and low visibility, however, noted at the same time a much greater maneuverability of a combat aircraft. Nevertheless, given the rapid wear and tear of the stealth covering of American fighters, the latter are obviously unlikely to use this advantage.

In the 80s - 90s, the Sukhoi Design Bureau developed the "Su-47" "Berkut" project. In 2001, a new "5th generation" program developed by "Berkut" and "MIG" was taken for it. The geometry of the airframe and the contours of the mating of the leading edge of the wing is unique and DIFFERENT from the F 35. The wingspan of the Su 57 is 14 m, which differs from the 10,67 m of the F 35 (Deck F 35 - 13,11 m).
2018, according to the Pentagon report, in total, "F 35" has 1000 defects.
2019 Bloomberg published a Pentagon report on critical issues. The F 35 has a tail that does not allow interception at supersonic speeds.
With "SU 57" there seems to be no speed limit - 2 M (this is almost 2 km / h). The "Military Watch" edition called some of the functions of the SU 400 "Unique" ..., and this is not a PLAGIARITY anymore :) There are enough emergencies from the F 57 not to call it a "car for the lucky ones", unless a well-developed catapult confirms this is. But in general, both cars of the new generation.

In the 80s - 90s, the Sukhoi Design Bureau developed the "Su-47" "Berkut" project. In 2001, the new "5th generation" program and the "Berkut" and "MIG" developments were taken for it. The geometry of the airframe and the leading edge mating lines is unique and DIFFERENT from the F 35. The wingspan of the Su 57 is 14 m, which differs from the 10,67 m of the F 35 (Deck F 35 - 13,11 m).
2018, according to the Pentagon report, in total, "F 35" has 1000 defects.
2019 Bloomberg published a Pentagon report on critical issues. The F 35 has a tail that does not allow interception at supersonic speeds.
With "SU 57" there seems to be no speed limit - 2 M (that's almost 2 km / h). The "Military Watch" edition called some of the functions of the SU 400 "Unique" ... and this, as it were, is not a PLAGIUM :) Emergency situations from the F 57 are enough not to call it a "car for the lucky ones", unless a well-developed catapult confirms this is

And you read what requirements are imposed on the rally participants. In particular, to the technique involved. And if you think that you can come to Kamaz with an engine from Volvo, then you are mistaken.

The words of the loser in military affairs). Sit on the couch and rejoice that you can sit.

Yap, you're headless. Where did you get such data? Tracing and not reporting this task is not difficult, the language will withstand everything. Where did you get this nonsense, maybe Germany won the war, but are we still wrong?

It would be necessary to check once all the arguments presented below in real conditions and not to shake the air.
In the Near and Middle East, it seems that a suitable situation is developing where you can test both Su57 and calibers and armature, etc.
And then the allegations that this one can, but this one can not! And others are exactly the opposite!
Until now, we have periodically staged demo shows in all kinds of Egypt, Libya and Iraq. And everything immediately fell into place. The result of a real collision is the best fact that is impossible to appeal to.
For example, on the pages of "Military Review" there was a detailed article about the losses of Abrams tanks during "Desert Storm". Two dozen tanks were damaged or even destroyed! ONE tanker died! Well, in war there are no invulnerable and safe means. But in comparison with the T72 and older types of the Iraqis, the conclusion is unambiguous! t72 is just a bucket! Not to mention the older types.

count how many tanks we had at the beginning of the war, many times more than the Germans how many riveted for the war, received a land lease many times more than the Romanians Finns Hungarians of Italian divisions and the Spanish division. Together, taken and take away German tanks lost in Africa, Italy, the second front .gain we several times lost more T-34 tanks tens of thousands destroyed.

About Kamaz on Dakar. And what, exactly, is KAMAZ? Name and drivers. Everything else is from abroad. About Kamaz for work, there is also not everything native. But about quality and reliability is a moot point. My neighbor and distant relative have Mazy and do not speak very well of Kamaz. And foreign cars are the ultimate dream. Ministry of Emergencies uses Eveco, Man and other foreign cars. Kamaz, Zil, Ural too. The main advantage of Kamaz is cheapness. But cheap is not always the best)))))

Well, you tell this to those who participate in the Paris-Dakar rally, and to those who do Kamaz, they will tell you a lot about Scania and Volvo, these cars are very expensive to operate, and they are inferior in reliability to Kamaz.

I agree that our Su 57 is visible, and this will be the last thing the enemy will see. Remember how well the Su 24 was seen, here is the current ultra-modern American destroyer only could "see" ...

Finally, Stealth technologies were the first to come up with in Russia! And that is why they refused to use them on combat aircraft! Expensive and useless, because by that time radars had appeared very much even seeing "invisible"

The wicked irony of the old movie: "For all good death!" If they scold, like the Crimean bridge, for example, then we are on the right track. Yeltsin invited over 800 people for privatization. American "specialists", including 160 people. CIA cadres, how many they have recruited. And away we go the Mil plant, Aeromash, Uralvagonzavod, etc. thank God, the authorities defended. Of course you want everything at once, but the building is being built brick by brick. Over the past three to four years, prices for metalworking machines have increased and demand is increasing, which is a good sign. It is too early to say bravo for the authorities, but the pit seems to be behind us. There is still plenty of trouble.

Each type of aircraft pursues its own. The F35 was not built for maneuverability and therefore not for close combat. It was created for the purpose of secrecy. He struck at a distance and disappeared unnoticed. But if we consider the trend in the development of aircraft construction, the Russian model is more correct. Stealth technology is a very expensive thing today. Over time, with the development of detection tools, it will become useless. Surely they will invent some other means of masking objects. But one thing is true "IF THE TECHNOLOGY IS WEAK IT IS NOT NECESSARY" and let it be at least stealth at least something else with a perspective.


Yes, no matter how about KAMAZ ... Your VOLVO and SCANIA require a lot of attention ... and a lot of money to transport something ... Kamaz trucks have been working without any problems for at least three years ... For example, they do not know boundaries, like Mazs with Krazov engines ... True, the convenience there is not great ..., but for that there is no equal in reliability, after a run of three hundred thousand craftsmen instead of a KAMAZ engine shove a Krazov engine ... and let's go ... ! I remembered an anecdote: it was during the USSR that we collaborated with the Czechs ... they are Tatars for us, and we for them are Krazy ... interception of telephone conversations .... well, how are our Tatars ..? Yes, a year will pass and Tatra is fucked up ...! And how are our KRAZs ..? Yes, a year will pass and the Czech is fucked up! But at the expense of Volvs ... then they "walk" well with the support of the maintenance station and no more ... and their price is huge ... For a year they built an airport in Gelendzhik ... and this whole park turned into trash!

I saw a smartphone

From open sources it is known that the losses of the Wehrmacht and the Red Army in tanks and aircraft in the first days and weeks of the war were correlated as 1:30.

Whoever composes these articles, even flew on airline flights.

KAMAZ trucks are loose. No comparison with Skanii, Volvo, etc. No matter how much I love the Motherland, no matter how much I want to be proud of it, but I can’t ours in the auto industry - that's for sure.

Read the book by N.N. Nikulin "Memories of War"

Igor, do you remember a course in higher mathematics-theorem about "two" policemen? If the values ​​of A and B tend to C, then f standing in this period will also tend to C. If, according to Rogozin, we have lagged behind all around and in space FOREVER, how can we blather about modern airplanes? Descend Igorek, from dreaminess to the real world. As Ioan the Terrible said, the oxide is a boyar.

A complete lie, rather even Goebbels-style propaganda. Su-57 is an independent thought-out concept developed for its LTH. So you can write more about the Chinese, but already in the past, they also study. F35 - a failed and dead end aircraft. Start with the concept - its performance characteristics are slurred. Someone who ordered it, he thought about something, I think not - did not think, did not fly, did not fight. He crawled out of virtual reality and farted into a puddle. f35 can safely be taken to a landfill. Moreover, electronic warfare and detection systems are taking leaps and bounds forward - on the threshold of a new generation of radars, and perhaps even stealth in an airplane in this form will not be needed. But the car is wonderful - for cutting dough. Chubais and Berezovsky modestly rest. F22 has already managed to become obsolete morally and has not reached the parameters of invisibility - they see it both with the s-400 and s-350 and not only. As for weapons, the F35 and F22, especially 35, are rather weak, but the stealth always has a problem with this. Now for 57. Aircraft is always a compromise. And sticking out one lose the other. And let the EPR su-57 in the back more - to spit, but there is no such stupidity as an inconspicuous rectangular nozzle - its gas-dynamic losses are large and the thrust vector is at one degree of freedom. The American approach smells like cretinism. That’s why they scold the Su-57, they feel better, they circumvented and avoided mistakes, therefore they swear.

The losses of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht were approximately identical despite the meanness at the beginning of the war. The Fritz had fewer tanks in the total, but they carried crews of repairmen with them and restored their equipment in the rear. The Russians followed the path of mass production and this fully paid off. The defeat of the Nazis on earth and in the air was total and drove them all the way to Berlin non-stop and quickly. So don’t need Goebbels nonsense. Now all the data is in the public domain. On one Lendlis, which went to Britain the most (85%), the USSR would not be able to drive the Germans even from Moscow. Roads in the Russian Federation are now no worse than German and federal, and in the rest of the territory - the longest train in the world. Cars do not need to be repeated, only KamAZ, missiles, helicopters, etc. etc. are being built in the Russian Federation now of such high quality that no Europe can approach the whole crowd, not to mention one by one.

For victims of the Unified State Examination, I clarify: a certain Kozhedub shot down 2 (maybe 1 — I can be mistaken) aircraft more than Pokryshkin and fought in 1943 on LA-5, LA-7!

HOWEVER I didn’t get where I was going by! come back or you’ve got lost already!

So these "specialists" are very big, talkers.

I agree with Oleg. Duc, only the pido-traitors "at" the Kremlin are hefty ... there are a lot of them out there behind the cardon, but they themselves grab the loot so they can get it out. As for the garlic, it's a shame for the State ...

They write for their taxpayers. Specialists have such advertisements on the side, they know perfectly well what and how it flies and it is not in vain that they compare the Su-35 and Su-57 with a UFO.

By your logic, all planes are copied from their first manufacturer, if only because they fly, instead of coming up with something of their own, for example, a way to travel. Well, they can’t come up with anything of their own in Russia. And it’s a shame to use stealth technologies, we didn’t invent them, stupidly cloned them, we use someone else's again. Let's give up everything that was not invented by us. But patriotic, bleat. This is the principle used in criticism. You don’t write letters, they weren’t invented by you, a fucking plagiarist.

Well this tape - the most sloppy media. There the moderators are completely toilet-headed.

Well, if Tape said ... There, correspondents even cannot write without errors, in short, it sucks.

These American F-22s and F-35s are even inferior to the Su-27 in all respects, so it’s a rude attempt to create an advertisement for American planes that are not suited for the Su-57

Thank God not all submariners are stupid provocateurs

if the Americans have such a wonderful aircraft, then it is not clear why a large number of countries refuse to purchase it?
and this is under enormous pressure from the state leadership.

Well, you are dark, NATE was offered and more than once to cross mind and technique in competitions, but "pride" does not allow or weakness ...

Well, you and the dark, grandmothers and did not suit, these will be newer and more expensive ....

And what does Lendlis and Pokryshkin have to do with it? U.S. combat aircraft are now much worse than Russian in terms of combat qualities; this is a fact for at least the last 15 years. And at least you jump in, nothing will change from this.

It's funny when it is written that the SU-57 is inferior in speed to the Americans. Although the SU has an afterburning speed of 2 M, afterburner 2,45М. F-22 has maximum 2,25M, F-35 has 1,6M in general. And the cruising speed of the Americans 850 km / h versus the supersonic speed of the SU-57. Some kind of ignorant sketch turns out.

I completely agree with you and the namesake from the Kremlin such an opinion

Right! So it is necessary.

What kind of Russian experts are these? Felgenhauer Prize winners? F-22 discontinued, F-35 aircraft with vertical take-off and landing. In both of them, more than a thousand technical and technological deviations were found, many of them can be critical during operation. A speed comparison is like comparing a chicken with a chicken. At least 2 times, the speed of the Su-57 is higher than that of the F-35.

Satellite, Icebreaker, Lunokhod, Nuclear Power Station, Buran, Tokomak, BAM, Caliber, S-500, Kalashnikov ....
By the way, the military losses of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht are approximately equal.
If you take into account civilian casualties, then you generally need to keep your fingers caught in fists.

This did not suit) I want to eat today, and not yesterday))

Bad idea of ​​the Yugoslav war. Amer fought with the help of DRO aircraft, this is missile launches and interference. GPS is also American.

There are pilots no less effective than Pokryshkin, and they did not fight in Cobras. What is the dispute, everything will become clear. when they stop shooting blanks.

Well, the same thing must be written ...

So the price did not suit. Corporations have little money ... and they also need cuts for their own.

Lord. Again "enemies" pour slop on "OURS" with envy.
Burst from poison.

Come on! Here, on the news, it passed that on the 31 product, the Su-57 engine had already made 2017 flights with 16.

Yes, they simply came up with garbage again to combine both a fighter and a bomber attack aircraft in one plane, and, of course, partially copied from others, using a bunch of technologies in one. No wonder Smart people in the USSR divided the development of military aircraft into two directions into a fighter and attack bomber, because the functions are different and one machine cannot do everything. You compare the MiG and Su, starting with the size of the aircraft and ending with flight characteristics and weapons !!!

The USSR fought constantly and continuously. What ended in Vietnam, read the "Paris Agreement". Have you heard about Afghan? And about Chechnya? And now?

it’s visible that you were collecting those planes. And it turned out that I didn’t go to school, and the planes are shit. And how many planes did the USSR receive under Lend-Lease? And why did our Pokryshkins shoot down the Germans precisely on their planes, and not on those that the children collected?

So he is a submariner ....

Kuzya is not an aircraft carrier, if you don’t even understand this, why do you leave your stupid comments?

For some reason, our aircraft carrier Kuzya, the most aircraft carrier in the world.

F-35 is a delivery vehicle.
F-22 - able to conduct an air battle, but with a long list of restrictions.
The principle of their application is ...
Gouging everything you can with cruise missiles, and then f-35, accompanied by f-22, will inflict a couple of missile control launches without entering the enemy’s air defense range.
When reading about the capabilities of F22 and F35, I always ask one and the same question what the Shtatovites did not like with F16, which can do the same for smaller headstock.

There was nothing strange here and is not. This writer is exactly the same "expert" as you and I are ballerinas ...

Come on. That's just the same F-15, they shot down Mig-29 at a time?!? Go and spit in the face of that student of Solzhenitsyn, who told you all these fables. If you’ve invented it yourself, then just lift your face up and spit ... And not a single NATO aircraft popped into Yugoslavia, as long as missile and artillery strikes destroyed not only missile defense aircraft, but all air defense systems. Only a few invisible sorties were completed. But after the ancient Soviet air defense system, an even more ancient rocket bombarded the latest American super stealth aircraft. Which, like the last F-22 or F-35 advertised to the whole world, such sorties immediately stopped ...

Naturally lying. The speeds are the same only formally. Because the Su-57 has not yet flown on its engines, but flies only on modernized engines from the Su-27. Moreover, even at close at maximum speeds, American aircraft can only fly for a very limited time. Otherwise, the fuel simply runs out or the engine is not designed for such modes.

Quote: "Earlier, Russian experts really recognized the lagging behind the American F-57 and F-22 Su-35 in terms of speed and low visibility."
- Similar conclusions are complete bullshit as well as the experts making them. Because the Su-57 has never flown on its own engines. Until now, he has only used Su -27 engines or their upgraded prototypes. But even on modernized prototypes, he not only was not inferior to American irons but also surpassed them both in speed and in efficiency. And the new Su-57 engines with which these planes are about to be equipped now will be even more powerful and more economical.
The same applies to the "stealth plan" of the Su-57. Several Su-57s were tested for more than two weeks in Syria, where they not only made night sorties but the positions of the militants, but also covertly escorted military aircraft from Turkey, Israel and NATO, diligently recording their parameters in all flight modes. Including in the phase of combat use. At the same time, no one ever found them. Neither ground stations nor airborne stations of all types of aircraft, including reconnaissance and monitoring aircraft. And the competent authorities of the United States and NATO learned about this fact from an amateur video of a peaceful Syrian, which was specially slipped to them. And no matter how much they claim that their radars did not have specific data on the parameters of new Russian aircraft, all this is nonsense for idiots of preschool age. Since already in the 80s of the last century, reconnaissance satellites were good at collecting such intelligence directly from the earth's orbit. And the tests of the Su-57 were never hidden from anyone, they took place practically in open mode. Therefore, they had the data. But they could not detect the Su-57. Therefore, this article in the American "The Aviationist", as well as its replicas in local or other tabloids, do not even deserve a second of your attention.

Do not cover the Union, and with it Russia?

Yes, it’s some kind of Troll-nonsense ... can you read it?

And who said that this dol .... th SU-57 needed to fly, and not to cut the dough?

He walked past and go, or you start to open your mouth. For chewing gum and worn jeans, I’m ready to substitute the fifth point.

And it is a reality.

Yeah, as a result, the Pindos lost 5 to 1 planes in Korea, and 20 to 1 in Vietnam compared to Soviet times. It’s not coming to an end, but the dying ukronazist reservation Banderstat is jumping, and Russia was and will be.

In practice, just pendosy in the vast majority of cases lose. only win against those who are against them with slingshots. And even then, it happens that these boys are also drained ...

Andrey, I think it would be right! It would be better if his father sat in a downed Mige before his birth (conception). In extreme cases, it was not worth saving this victim after the abortion, as a result of which "it" was born.

Oh-oh-oh, is certainly the most authoritative source. Not a minute, so as not to run into Russia and everything connected with it.'s prices for running into Russia have been known since time immemorial; these are 30 silver coins ...

But Dima Bivol, the intercontinental boxing champion, defeated both Clarkson and Agnew (both the USA), although the rivals' gloves were more expensive and better and their underpants were brighter ...

For the most part our children collected our tanks and planes during the war, therefore, the quality suffered, and we always defend ourselves, which means we hit the last and the loss. And all because we didn’t want war when and therefore almost when we weren’t ready for it. If you didn’t stand on ceremony with all this belligerent wade that is now gathering around us again and all about peace and protection are talking. Yes, give them all that would not be going to the borders. in general, all those with an angelic gaze and pa superiority with a machine gun got it. And I also understand that it’s pointless to explain to all of you anyway

Andrei, what if your father had sat in the downed Mig before your birth?

The practice eventually brought down more Soviet MIG aircraft that under the USSR that under the Russian Federation on television is flourishing, the Russian Federation is on the path of the USSR would rather have reached the same

to simulate aerial combat - always, but in real combat - vice versa. The fact that Pakistani F-16 shot down the Indian MIG-21 is okay, aircraft of different generations, but the fact that in Yugoslavia the F-15 shot down the MIG-29 at a time is already more serious

I am over 70t and on this score the classic \ U. Lenin \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ d come to him \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ancyglenin \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ surfacegltimate the enemy \\\\\\\\\\\ " Vietnam showed worse than American, or on equal terms, or they fell more. Therefore, I lived in a peaceful country that I very much wish for the coming generations of Russians.

Yes, in general, according to the words "in passing" it is time to abandon the production of Russian systems of any direction, but the main thing is to abandon the production of these very "passages" from the word altogether !!!

And what about the EW in the Su-57? And do smart rockets come with it? F-35 can also be a slow-moving one, but with advanced electronics and radars + good rockets. But historically, we had complete trash with electronics and software, but in fact there are no smart rockets (I shot and forgot), those that are there are not, unfortunately, close to the Americans. Therefore, no one needs all these speeds and maneuverability nafig, they will see you trite earlier and put out a rocket, when the rocket arrives at you, the F-35 pilot will already drink coffee at the airport! = (((I personally do not believe in all these attempts, if we are corny to build a good car, not in a state where cheeks blow to the 5-th generation of advanced aircraft.

Can I clarify? Why should the Russian Aerospace Forces have to fit in for some private mercenaries? Um ... Amer hollowed out the regular army of the Russian Federation?

Given the losses of the Red Army in the Second World War, the statement of Suvorov refers to the Germans! Whatever the tanks of the Wehrmacht, but they were more comfortable, better and their losses were many times lower than the Soviet ones. I’m generally frostbite like you! You repeat the Germans MRI machine, ultrasound, cars or at worst the road, and then open your mouth!

Chibis, before writing this, take an interest in how the armament for export differs from the armament supplied to the troops inside the country.

Why is everything selling out? And C-500? The mess.

Since enemies and competitors scold and in every possible way belittle and blame the dignity of our Su-57, it means that the plane is cool, unmatched. To all those who are spiteful about the qualities of our Su-57 and who want to be convinced of my correctness, I recommend that you read the article "F-22 and F-35 against PAK FA (Su-57)" ( By the way, there is also information that in 2014 the Australian analytical center "Air Power Australia" published a multi-page report on the evaluation of 5th generation aircraft with a final table on 14 evaluation criteria. The result of the assessment was marked with points. The F-22 Raptor received a plus 2 points, the PAK FA (Su-57) got a plus 5, and the newest F-35 got a minus 8 points.

A cow does not need a third horn, and a fool does not need an extra mind.

Yeah, take more - to lie like that! ))) Not 300, but 30 thousand, three divisions!

We are building everything! And housing and aircraft (both military and civilian!).

100% - Svidomo noted! To what extent their brains are stamped, that they are recognizable from the first words! And ISIS, your favorites and hope - almost everything has been destroyed, and if the United States didn’t feed them, then there would be no spirit left from them ...

Already called twice called? Well then, the truth is definitely true.

The author is lying. Max Speed ​​f-22 -2.25 Mach,
at SU-57- 2,5Maha.

yes it was, only those pilots who participated in the slaughter died under a strange set of circumstances)))

Yes, according to recent events, the cowardly is the army of Ukraine and the fucking too

F-35 is a de facto modernization of the F-22 in order to reduce the cost of the aircraft, because The raptor is very expensive.
Does F-35B have 70% of yak-141? it’s nothing more than a wet fabrication of propaganda.

dolb ... igil in the same place where he was .. and rosguano in Aiska hollowing civilians as your bastard cheap and cowardly army always did ...

build housing and airplanes

Su-57 can be considered as a counter-stealth fighter, designed to get as close as possible to enemy invisible aircraft before their attack. Moreover, according to the infographic published by the United Aircraft Corporation, the main weapons that are going to equip the Su-57 are capable of long-range shooting, and some even have stealth functions, which means that the role of the aircraft can be to get as close as possible to air defense systems and carry out retaliatory attacks.

The glider seems to have good potential. The prototypes showed continuous development with further improvements in systems and a decrease in the signature of RCS and IR. After all these considerations, we can expect the Su-57 to be a tough opponent for the F-22 and F-35 if they ever cross their flight paths. This is a translation of part of the article verbatim, about loser and no losers. The author is sick and has no conscience.

Everything is exactly the opposite - F-35 do not want to buy, and nobody sells SU-57

But did the Su-57 meet in an aerial battle with the F-22 that such an opinion appeared among idiots?

Yes gentlemen, everything is bad, just awful, where is the prisoner ??? Himself not funny?

Russia is now selling everything .. even C-400 to potential enemies and allies in NATO ... Russia belongs to a bunch of Putin oligarchs and they are loot more expensive than some kind of Russia .. it is for them a colony for money ... all innovations are being sold to China .. the truth they refuse some ..

"Refusal of a number of countries to buy the Su-57"?
But did they really intend to sell it to someone?
India participated in a joint development project, but this is not exactly the Su-57 - the Indians were not allowed to approach it, so they were "offended". Well, let alone the fact that the F-35 is 70 percent copying the Yak-141, and you can not remember at all, as well as the "childhood diseases" that still haunt not only the F-35, but also the discontinued F-22.

God does not give a horny cow to a cow, and a fool does not give reason

Boriska, where did you learn to lie like that ?!

In the competition, any methods are good! )))

Absolutely right! Moreover, NOBODY knows the real performance characteristics of the Su-57 ... It seems that these guys calm themselves! )))

Everything is correct Seryoga. You need a single fight and group do. Like in a tank biathlon. And then let the experts compare.

The armor is strong and our tanks are fast?)). Comrade in modern nuclear war, coverage is not useful!
Like a bunker! A vigorous winter will erase idiots in the dust ....

Then Amer’s question sat in Syria with the ISIS coalition rapidly developing, we came, where is ISIS? Boris, you're wrong.

didn't pay a single cookie =). This is a copy-paste of some Pindos article. It seems like "NI" has distinguished itself.

Well, that’s how we got it from Afghans. In Syria, did our people have only copies? THAT THERE WERE DISAPPOINTED QUICKLY AND WITHOUT LOSING ANY OF YOUR SOLDIER. THAT IT SEEMS TO ME ALL THUS WE NEED TO LEARN TO FIGHT IN A NEW way. WE FORGOT THE LESSONS OF THE WWII. AND THAT AS YOU HAVE ALL AS MANY WARS ON THE AMERICAN AIRCRAFT. I DO NOT HAVE OUR PLANES. BUT these electronics that they think no need to stuff a lot of mind guess what in our time MAINLY winning the one who used to locate enemies .A locate enemies without options AMERIKANSKITSY SAMOLET.ZNACHIT we need YOUR ELECTRONICS DEVELOP build factories to buy from them .A MACHINES SO IT IS WRONG TO PARIOTICALLY WRONG. WE ALREADY WERE ONE WARNING SOMETHING BECAUSE OF THE CAP.



Judging by such pearls that SU-57 is inferior to F22 and F35 in speed, the article was written by an incompetent person, they added more garbage to the Network.

Many years ago, during the next Indo-Pakistani conflict, Pakistan managed to capture one (?) Soviet fighter. The Americans naturally became interested. Chuck Yeager himself undertook to "run in" it. First training battle: Yeager in American, another pilot in Russian. Yeager won. Second flight: Yeager in Russian, another pilot in American. Yeager won again.

Draw your own conclusions. :-)

everything is as always ... just to bark on command for a cookie. during the Second World War .... Wehrmacht tanks .. uuuuh strength what was .. so what? Where are they. and the Soviet T-34 on a pedestal. and in general .. even Suvorov said ... "you need to fight not by number but by skill .... so we will learn to fight ... while in Syria.

Have you paid much for this advertisement? Percentage then on the sale of Lockheed Martin promised? Or so a hundred bucks and that's all?

there is nothing like leather.
It’s regrettable that so many sub-bosses divorced in the Russian media

The clearest example of unfair competition. SU-57 is not yet mass-produced, and it is already buried. This means only one thing that he is an order of magnitude superior to American shitty junk. There is nothing more to talk about.

you saw a sofa fighter a lot

All training and demonstration flights in the framework of international exercises to simulate air combat between the American F-15 and MiGs, in 90% ended in victory for the Russian pilots, although before that, all the media also spoke about the superiority of American technology. Read the war chronicle!

In the years of friendship, American pilots came to our regiment ... praised their equipment to a squeal in their voices ... then our comedian offered to put an end to the dispute and meet with full ammunition in the air ... Americans were blown away immediately

Training battle - theory. And theoretically, Moskvich-412 can beat Ford Mustang, but the reality is that in practice American technology always wins. To those Boleevs, give an example of 30 years ago, when they flew without digital technology.

Only the battle can show which aircraft is better, but judging by the fact that the NATO countries do not want to participate in army games, they obviously understand that their much-praised equipment is behind the Russian and Chinese ones.

We saw how the Americans and the Russian aerospace forces are fighting in Syria. The Russians themselves ditched dozens of airplanes and drove down the Turks and shepherds of camels without help, and the Americans mixed two hundred Russian mercenaries with shit and the Russian aerospace squad sat tail-tail.

When Germany collapsed in the GDR, Mig 29 remained, So he won 4 battle (training) from 5. The Americans.

Regular liberal "specialists", on command from the West, make their own "competent" custom vyser. The chief is all gone! The American pilots themselves said that there were no and there were no 5th generation aircraft in the United States, neither by standards nor by reliability, and that they themselves noticed how their F-22 and F-35 were calmly recorded by Russian radar stations, yes and in general they are simply scared to fly on them! And they just admire the Russian SU-57!

Well, why wag your tongue? Maybe Russia in response to such a statement should invite the Americans to arrange a demonstration battle of two fighters with good pilots on both sides. the result of the battle or the rejection of it will show not only the capabilities of the selected devices, but also the correctness of the chosen aircraft construction concept.

They lie. Our planes are better.

the Yankees are only nimble in a straight line, no maneuverability, losers.

Those detractors of the whole of Russia were gouging. For a handout, the American mother is screaming. They would have been specialists, otherwise the mongrels of the local bottling ....

Citizens to evaluate it is necessary to know what you are talking about. Well, let's start with the fact that Phantoms are not visible, citizens do not happen, "invisible" speed is what? At what height does it have with it! And then the citizens, the main thing, people are the pilot !!!! there was nothing but copies on the ground. if the airfield on the ground is ideal, if you damage the GDP, then everything will not sit down, the corpses of the plane lost fuel just barely enough. I saw not these phantoms, but what's the difference? Faster fly, but the missiles are now different yes and the radar station is different !!! If someone snot on made in USA that even in Vietnam from the Vietnamese they got the most tomatoes, moreover, if memory serves 25 years there they were wrestling !!!!

And I like the panic of our "partners"! Looks like a really good device turned out with us!

If the West praises something, then this is really shit. And if he criticizes, it means that he is on the right track.

The Russian Su-57 was called the "loser" among the F-35 and F-22. What is the double name?

Very strange picture. Su-57 suddenly began to ascribe a cloud of flaws, but at the same time they had already passed all flight tests and entered serial production. According to the network, the speed limit of the Su-57 with the afterburner 2600 km / h, without the afterburner 2100 km / h. The same F-22 with the afterburner 2410 km / h., Without the afterburner 1963 km / h. F-35 is generally a low-speed boat, with the afterburner 1930 km / h., Without the afterburner 850 km / h. The expert did not provide these technical specifications and simply stated that the Su-57 is worse than its Western counterparts.



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