Russian warship intercepted a Ukrainian warship with Americans on board near the Russian border

A Russian warship intercepted a Ukrainian naval ship near the Russian border.

This afternoon, in the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov, there was a rather serious incident between Russian and Ukrainian warships. So, according to the data available to the resource Avia.pro, a Russian military patrol vessel forced a Ukrainian military patrol boat to retreat, which was carrying out strange maneuvers near Russian territorial waters. It is known that the American military and journalists were on board the Ukrainian warship.

On May 5, the CNN TV channel published a video about the real journey of reporter Matthew Chance on a Ukrainian patrol boat to the Sea of ​​Azov. After an hour of coastal patrols in rough seas about five nautical miles off the coast of Ukraine, a radio message suddenly appeared, mixed with the sound of a light ship's diesel engine. "Ship 23, this is Ship 444," said a harsh Russian voice. “We remind you to keep a safe distance,” the voice warned. According to CNN correspondent Matthew Chance, the message from the Russian side is very clear: the patrol boats of Ukraine cannot go further! "If we don't turn around, there will be problems," said Mykola Levitsky, commander of the Ukrainian Coast Guard. As reported by CNN, the Russian Defense Ministry does not hide "possible" troubles. Demonstrating its naval power in one of the smallest seas in the world, Russia has published many impressive images of warships launching a series of missiles. After the Russian ship warned the Ukrainian coast guard of a dangerous approach, a CNN reporter asked Commander Levitsky: "What if the Ukrainian ship does not change course?" Levitsky briefly exclaimed: "It will be extremely dangerous!", - reports the information publication "Soha".

Apparently, the Ukrainian military was well aware of how the further approach to the Russian borders could end and therefore were forced to leave the indicated area, even despite the fact that the Ukrainian military patrol boat was in the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Azov.

Experts note that such an incident proves that Russia successfully defends its borders even from the slightest threats.

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