S-300 Syria


S-300 completely failed their appointment in Syria after a night attack by Israel

The Russian S-300 totally failed to defend Syria.

A few hours ago, Israeli fighters launched a series of missile attacks on the Syrian military air base Tiyas. Due to the fact that the fighters were in Syrian airspace, air defense systems had to attack combat aircraft, since one of the conditions for the use of Syrian military air defense systems S-300 was the mandatory entry of enemy aircraft into the airspace of the Arab Republic.

It is known that air defense systems were actually used to repel the attack, however, the fire was fired exclusively on fired missiles, four of which attacked the air base, where, by the way, Russian planes and helicopters are also located.

The reasons why the Russian S-300s delivered to Syria did not hit the target, although the latter were in the 100% defeat zone, have not yet received official comments, however, experts say that such inaction can lead to another death of the Russian military.

“It is clear that Russia does not want to conflict with Israel in Syria, however, when Tel Aviv violates all existing agreements with Moscow and the lives of the Russian military are at risk, this raises many questions regarding the effectiveness of the S-300, because at the moment is about the total failure of the protection of Syrian airspace ", - the expert marks.

According to the data available to the Avia.pro resource, as a result of an air strike by the Israeli air force at Tiyas airbase, victims and victims were avoided

Absolutely fair!

Every flight and launch of Israeli fighter missiles is a training of the US military!
There are people in the government and the military department who are interested in ensuring that the flights of the NATO military ships, and in particular from the airfields closest to Syria, do not stop in Syria! It is fraught at one point, the air force and IMF bases may disappear without a trace from the territory of Syria if flights of NATO countries and missile launches continue! These flights are not prohibited only by those who work for Israel and the United States, being in the top leadership of Russia! !

Totally agree!

Well, at least one normal and sensible comment !!! The bull's eye"!

If the operator cannot shoot down the target, then he does not see it, that is, the stealth works and the S-300 is blind against him. F-35 steers with might and main. Or is it the Israeli EW that drives and then even the F-16s become invisible.

So after all have slipped already. As a result, the IL-20 was shot down.

Useless. Iran is also ruled by Jews. The Jews who beat in Syria are mostly Iranians, but they do not respond. So Tehran is no better than the Kremlin.

With some fright, Israel may have some interests. Attacking an airfield in a neighboring state. There would be Syrians on their territory, another question. It is the same if NATO bombed our cities. And that, it’s possible that Do they, too, have their own interests, against us.

Very accurately noticed !!! Are you not afraid to be held accountable for divulging "state secrets"? Or is it not such a secret ??? !!!

> Jews have many more rights than Russia

Well naturally!
Jews and Russia have much more rights than Russians.

There is no sense in talking about the S-300 failure yet, since it is still not transferred to the Syrians, and accordingly has not been used.
Why is this a question for politicians and not for the S-300 complex.

Indeed, why did they put these S-300s at all, if everyone answers: "Do you want to fight with Israel, go ahead in Syria."
Boy, there is an ARMY in Syria. Even two. Russian too. Citizens' armies are being held for parades, so that you would answer these citizens "go yourself" in kindergarten? Smart puffed to portray?

They sank there.

Israel also has the right to defend its interests ... I think that the Jews have much more rights than Russia, because their vital interests are affected here. Well, the fact that the C300 can’t cope is not because they are bad, but because Israel has much higher technology than what the C300 and 400 are designed for

I can disgrace the best sniper rifle - the dream of every sniper. With my eyesight I won’t get into “milk” either. This means only one thing - I'm a bad shooter, not a rifle. If the S-300 operator cannot or does not want to shoot down targets, then this is from the same song about the rifle and me. Crooked hands or lack of orders in no way detract from the possibility of SAM. By the way, SAM is not a rifle - the team is important here, where an error (even a trifle) of one fatally spoils everything. The sniper loaded, aimed, fired. And then some charge, others "take aim", others give orders, etc. In 1967 they already passed: the battle is on, but in the midst of the “fighters” drop their weapons, spread rugs and have a conversation with Allah. Are Kalash bad? Or tanks?

If an Arab has a weapon, it is not a fact that he knows how to use it.

While the Kremlin does not shy away, they will chew snot, as in the 41st.

From the tank idle, and normal. Too bad the tanks are not on patrol.

Do you want to fight with Israel? Flag in your hands and go to Syria for the S-300 control panel!

The equipment is in the hands of savages - a heap of metal! Let the Jews try to snuggle up at a Russian military base and then we'll see what the S-300 is in reality

while in power .... we will puff out our cheeks so that we don’t offend anyone

Cowardly and shameful leadership! Remember how the amers hrenyali in Syria, and our "warriors", like mice, huddled at their bases! Disgrace to the whole world!

On the contrary, Russia will give everyone a face if there really is an attack on it, but for now there is no reason ....

I agree, if the leadership of Russia had been beaten in the face ...


With 300 do not shoot at Israeli planes most likely because they recognize them as their own.
But if Jews know their codes - a stranger, then Americans know. So, in case of conflict, our air defense will be silent. And if at this time the General Staff will also move .......

This convinces us that Jews rule Russia.
Israeli aircraft are recognized as their own.
That’s why only shoot missiles.
Russian officers and generals your children die a tragic incident with a reconnaissance aircraft.
Ask the Iranians for a pair of anti-aircraft missile launchers. Without any reports upstairs.

And Russia does not want to quarrel with anyone. As long as Russia has such a leadership - everyone who is not lazy will beat Russia in the face.