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C-300V failed to shoot down an American military aircraft that invaded Venezuela airspace

Venezuela could not shoot down an American military aircraft that violated the border.

Despite the fact that a few months earlier, the Venezuelan authorities declared their full readiness to protect their airspace from any American aircraft, attacking them without warning, the day before it became known that the Venezuelan air defense systems were not ready for this, including this also applies to the C-300В complexes previously supplied by Russia.

According to data from, which was at the disposal of the resource, the American military aircraft E-8C did not react to the warnings of dispatchers and the military, violated the border of Venezuela’s airspace, where it was stationed for a very long time. Despite the fact that the Venezuelan air defense system has C-300В complexes, they did not fire at the intruder.

According to sources in social networks, the reason why the Venezuelan air defense systems did not open fire on the American military aircraft that violated the airspace of the country was the actual absence of an order, while it was assumed that the Venezuelan military consulted with the Russian military country, however, this information has not yet received official confirmation.

The so-called "journalists" began to use such a method everywhere: we will shout to you about the boob, although in fact there is about Ivan. This is the bottom of unprofessionalism, there is nowhere else to fall.

Venezuela, as a civilized country and was not going to shoot it down. So the Pindos are lucky.

The article already has an answer - There was no order. Creating headlines, be guided by reality. They could not and there was no order, these are different things. Unless of course you are friends with military affairs, then a cow like E-8C for c-300 is not a question at all.