Russian rocket launch


Three days have passed since the tests of the Zircon rocket, but the results were never announced.

The test data of the Russian hypersonic rocket decided not to voice.

The tests of hypersonic weapons that began at the Russian Navy training ground near the Nenoks settlement on July 7, 2020 have still not received any publicity. Given the fact that the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov was spotted in this area, having on its board installations for launching Zircon hypersonic missiles, as well as the fact that these missiles should appear on the arsenal of Russia in the near future, experts suggested that this cruise missile will be tested. Nevertheless, over the past 72 hours, no results on launches have been presented in such a way that it has raised many questions as to whether preparations were made for launching Zircon missiles.

At the moment, we are not talking about conducting state tests, in connection with which, if the launch of the Zircon missiles really took place, then the information on this subject was almost certainly classified. On the other hand, taking into account the capabilities of the Russian hypersonic missile, its launch would almost certainly have been recorded not only from the territory of nearby settlements, but also probably from the territory of neighboring states, especially since the missile is intended for delivering strikes at distances up to 1 thousand kilometers . Given the fact that today no country in the world except China and Russia has hypersonic weapons anymore, it is logical to assume that the tests, if they really were, were carried out in the strictest confidence, and probably their success for the same reason and not made public.