The plane in the sky


The plane "Air Canada" urgently landed in Germany to save a dog

Pilot Canadian Airlines'Air Canada"I made an emergency landing for a dog rescue.

As it became known the news agency, airliner Canadian carrier followed the route Tel Aviv - Toronto, however, in the course of a flight, in the cargo hold of the aircraft has failed heating system, which could be fatal for a dog, one of the passengers transported .

A passenger plane made an emergency landing in Frankfurt, at the same time, four-legged animals were harmed, but given the fact that dogs are carried in the cabin airliner could cause a series of disturbances at the other passengers, it was decided to send a dog to Toronto Airports near where subsequently pet and I met his master.

According to some reports, a humane act cost the commander of the aircraft carrier in 10 thousand dollars, however, in relation to the pilot no complaints had been expressed.


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