Transaero Airlines


The plane "Transaero" was unable to timely depart from Ekaterinburg to Simferopol

From the airport in Yekaterinburg for 6 hours delayed departure flight to Simferopol.

The news agency became aware that the passenger flight on the route Ekaterinburg - Simferopol was to be carried out by the air carrier "Transaero", However, for reasons unknown until now, the flight was delayed.

Passengers who were forced to wait for their plane at the airport reported that representatives of the air carrier did not specify the reason for the delay, noting that the flight would be completed soon, although the actual delay of the airliner was very long.

According to some reports from Koltsovo airport employees, the delay in the flight of Transaero's flight was associated with technical problems, which meant that the aircraft could not be prepared in time, but officially this information was not confirmed.