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Saudi Arabia wants to be forced to buy more American weapons

Western media report that the decision to withdraw several air defense batteries from the Middle East region is nothing more than an element of pressure on Saudi Arabia. It is noted that by such a move, the American arms lobby is trying to force the Saudi Arabian authorities to buy even more US-made weapons, and not rely on American air defense missile defense batteries in the region.

In light of recent events, Lockheed Martin said that it "managed to win the tender" for the supply of missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia. It's a strange coincidence.

As it turned out, the deal is about a contract for the supply of components to the THAAD system. The day before, such missile defense systems were purchased by the UAE.

The statement of the American company management raises questions. The essence of the expression is not clear, what does it mean "managed to win the tender for the supply of missile defense systems"? Were there any other participants in this tender, in particular, were companies from other countries involved?

The contract was signed in the amount of $ 610 million. According to some information, according to it, deliveries of radar systems capable of tracking missile launches will be carried out.

We will remind that earlier Western media reported about the withdrawal of three US air defense batteries from the Middle East region "in connection with the use of drones armed with explosives by the Houthis." Washington commented on their actions by saying that the withdrawal of air defense from the Middle East testifies to the growing strength of regional partners who can independently cope with the threat that has arisen.

Now the Western press has picked up a new version of what is happening - that this is a new element of pressure and promotion of American-made weapons.

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