Seven Russian warships blocked the territorial waters of Latvia

Russian warships blocked the territorial waters of Latvia.

At least seven Russian warships were seen near the territorial waters of Latvia, which practically blocked the naval approach to this state. The demonstration of dominance clearly seriously scared not only Latvia, but also other countries, since the Russian navy is the most powerful in the world.

“Just six nautical miles from the territorial waters of Latvia, the country's troops recorded Russian warships. Thus, at the borders of Latvia, the military identified seven ships. In more detail about this informs the press service of the National Armed Forces on the social network Twitter. According to the report, warships were found in the Latvian exclusive economic zone. The Latvian Armed Forces identified seven ships of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. These include the Sovetsk corvettes, as well as the Mytishchi of the Karakurt class, the Passat and Rainfall corvettes of the Nanushka class, the Dimitrovograd and Chuvashia corvettes of the Tarantula class and the Serpukhov corvette of the class Buyan-M- сообщает Information publication "ReplyUA".

Nevertheless, the Russian warships did not carry out any provocative actions, and therefore, Latvia’s fears were premature, although it is obvious that Russia did remind this country that any threats, direct or indirect, against Russia are completely unacceptable, and any provocations can end very badly, which, probably, they can’t realize in Riga, continuing to pursue an aggressive policy.

You are mistaken, my dear. "Buyan-M" is very young, and "Karakurt" is quite fresh.

Author, but be Russian; corvettes ... - we still have ships of the class mrk and mpk in the navy !!! It seems that the article was copied somewhere without delving into it!


And how do 7 aircraft carrier groups help them to be afraid even of North Korea? Maybe he, unlike you, understands that an aircraft carrier is an excellent target for any, the most primitive anti-ship missile and that amers did not have normal air defense?))

In Russian literature there is NO word "no": this is absolutely certain! ..

What? Showing a flag is always a good idea. But it’s interesting why our “non-living” do not scream from the brightness when the “brave” Triebalt pugs arrange another provocation?

Glad to a sound, objective opinion. I wish you good health.

Should we be proud or ashamed of such news for those admirals who play soldiers in insanity?

Writers, what country do you live in and why? This hatred will not bring you peace and will affect your loved ones following you. Poor ..

I completely agree. The Americans have only seven aircraft-carrying groups. Enough to shock the world with their power, we must seek compromises and live peacefully. And so we have already turned Russia into an outcast. We used to be afraid and respected, but now they are laughing at us. It's a shame !!!

Complete nonsense and game, Russia does not have a strong fleet and never had

And now 7 ships will start the third world with NATO.
And all - both satisfied and dissatisfied - are found in paradise.
Well, or 7 ships will stand and proudly leave - and we will just have sanctions extended for another year, and Russian oil and gas will be more actively “not bought”.

And what, a lot of frightened ?!

And for what newspapers, etc. Currently. They all write in networks. A little bit on Twitter, a little bit on Instagram, and everything from Presidents to the most insignificant post

Poor thing! .. And you will remain Andrew, how many do not write empty offended phrases ...

The whole world is scared in earnest! The United States changes the name of the country to the USSR (Union of Soviet United States), WHO changed its name to OBX.
.... Lenin opened one eye.

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If "Rusmi" had not been written about this, then no one would have known about this "epoch-making" event.

Is the Russian navy the most powerful in the world ?! The author is not carried away? According to estimates, the American fleet in combat power surpasses the Russian from 8 to 10 times. There’s nothing to even compare. And I will quote the author "seven Russian warships were seen near the territorial waters of Latvia, which practically blocked the naval approach to this state." Isn't that a provocation ?!

Yes, our grandmothers live normally, unless of course they have adequate children.

Only leave a fellow, it is Russian. The king bought for money

Well, not everything, but only seven Russian corvettes.
Load the troughs with the fleets!

Do not tell my gray eggs, these are ships of rank 3 and they are 25-30 years old

Of course, the Russian fleet, which is not the most powerful in the world, unfortunately, is inferior to the Soviet Navy, although the Soviet fleet was not the most powerful, but dangerous for the United States and NATO. The USSR was more of a "continental", "land" power. Just do not forget that the USSR and the Russian Federation, puts more emphasis on submarines, rather than ships. And the submarines are very powerful with nuclear weapons. Although the USSR and laid down 6 aircraft carriers.

Che straight all seven pieces in one place sailed, however armada.

Everything is lost!

Do you consider yourself the breadwinner?

Is the Russian navy the most powerful in the world? Is it a typo? Or in the Baltic Sea where is it annoying Latvia?

Demand for a portrait of Putin has grown.
Name of the streets in Russian.
The ruble has risen sharply.
EEC condemns, but it’s the people’s choice
Latvia, said in a statement by the EEC.

They were so scared that they could not notify of this historical event in a single national news feed - a demonstration of the capabilities of the "most powerful" fleet in the world. From paralyzing fear could not. Not in one ...

The most powerful fleet led by Kuzey))))))))))

"The Russian Navy is the most powerful in the world" - what kind of lies? The Russian fleet, of course, is strong enough, but not "the most powerful in the world."

Yes, with the "little bells and whistles" All Latvia will immediately go over to the side of Russia! There are sooo many Russians!

And what started

In the USA you can send safely. They need it every time and on every occasion connected with Russia.

Here it is ,,, started)))

Russia’s far-fetched state doesn’t need to stop feeding them, let others feed them.

Completely pro-Kremlin media, we surrounded Latvia, and why can’t we surround our grandmothers if they survive the retirement of 9 thousand rubles?

And what does it mean "blocked"? Now nobody can get out of the Latvian authorities?
Well, this is a banal demonstration of power, the US Navy is constantly doing this.
And there was nothing to yell like that.

He was the "most powerful" in the world in the 70s, smiled, the author, well, google the elementary data on fleets.

Just think, Latvia. Who needs it?

Eh to know earlier! I would invest in the supply of toilet paper in the Baltic states! It will be the most profitable business there right now.

What was that?
Does the same news have an author?
And the author is probably still a person?
She could not just by herself take and be born out of nowhere.

On the other hand, why the news does not say that the “most powerful fleet in the world”, by its appearance at the borders, destroyed 5 successively located but ???

Once again I wonder: "What was that" ???