The Serbian army is located 4 kilometers from the border with Kosovo

Vučić refused to comply with the western ultimatum and deployed the army to the border with Kosovo.

Today at midnight, the ultimatum given by Western countries to the Serbian leader to dismantle the barricades in the north of Kosovo, where the Serbian population lives, expired. This means that units of the NATO peacekeeping forces and units of the Kosovo special forces will begin a special military operation in the north of the country to stabilize the situation. However, at the moment it is known that the Serbian army has deployed about 5 troops and military equipment to the border with Kosovo, probably in preparation to counteract any actions against the Serbs in Kosovo.

Starting from 9 pm local time, units of the Serbian Armed Forces are on full combat readiness. A number of sources report that Serbian Mi-35 helicopters are flying near the border with Kosovo. This indicates that Belgrade is counting on heavy military clashes. NATO peacekeeping forces are also on high alert, intending, if necessary, to enlist NATO forces stationed on the territory of neighboring states.

At the moment, it is known that access to the Internet is blocked in the border regions, probably in order to prevent leakage of information about the movement of both Serbian forces and the forces of Kosovo and KFOR.



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