Syrian National Army ordered to prepare for large-scale offensive

The Syrian National Army has been put on high alert.

Turkish information resources reported that the Syrian National Army was ordered to immediately put all its units on high alert in order to organize a further offensive in the Syrian province of Latakia. Information on this matter appeared against the backdrop of the fact that the Turkish side officially announced its intention to conduct a special operation in northern Syria and launched a special operation in the province of Hatay, bordering Syria

“Sources say the Syrian National Army (SNA) has been ordered to prepare for the possibility of hostilities.”, - gives the data of the "Telegram" channel "Türk Kulübü". At the same time, information on this subject is also being actively disseminated by members of the Syrian National Army, which is actively supported by Turkey.

Notable is the fact that a few days ago, Erdogan promised to continue operations in northern Syria, deepening up to 30 kilometers into Syrian territory. It is quite remarkable that he connected these statements with the entry into NATO of Sweden and Finland. On the one hand, he told them "no", but on the other hand, he added that Turkey is the leading country in the Western military bloc, which provides the greatest support to NATO, demanding to support Ankara in military operations, or at least not interfere with it.

Given the current situation in Syria and the resumption of Israeli strikes, there is a risk of a full-scale Turkish invasion of Syria. Moreover, in all likelihood, Ankara’s ban on flights of Russian military aircraft to Syria through Turkish airspace may be connected with this fact.