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SKR "Ladny" was brought to one of the sea ranges of the Black Sea Fleet

The patrol ship of project 1135 "Ladny", after the completion of the repair, went to sea trials. Information about this was spread by the press service of the Southern Military District.

SKR "Ladny" has been brought to one of the Black Sea Fleet's sea ranges, where it will carry out a comprehensive check of mechanisms and equipment, as well as the main power plant of the ship. Upon completion of the scheduled tasks, the TFR will return to the base, where work will continue on the return of the ship to the 30th division of the Black Sea Fleet ships.

Repair of SC Ladny started at the 13th shipyard in 2016. On the ship, the sustainer engines were completely replaced, which had served their resource, and the marching readiness was restored. In addition, there is information about the introduction of certain changes in the design of the housing. The replacement of weapons is not reported.

The Ladny patrol ship was equipped with propulsion engines from the Kerch anti-submarine ship, which suffered a fire in 2014. Also, completely new turbines purchased from Ukraine before the events of the Maidan were installed for replacement.

The patrol ship of project 1135 (code "Petrel") "Ladny" was launched at the "Zaliv" shipyard in Kerch on May 7, 1980, and was included in the Black Sea Fleet on February 25, 1981.

Width - 14.2 meters, hull length - 123 meters, displacement - 3200 tons. Cruising range - 5 miles, speed - up to 000 knots. Crew -32 people.

The engine is composed of two gas turbine units of 18 hp, 000 propellers.

The set of weapons is made up of the universal missile system URPK-5 "Rastrub", two twin gun mounts AK-726, two launchers of the air defense missile system "Osa-MA-2", two four-tube 533-mm torpedo tubes and two rocket-propelled bombs RBU-6000.

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