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Media: US helicopters intercepted Russian Zircon

The United States announced the interception of two Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles.

The American media, citing sources in the command of the US Navy, announced that two launches of the Russian Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles were successfully detected, and the warships located at a relatively small distance worked to intercept one of them. Tracking the flight path of the hypersonic missile was carried out by two MH-60 military helicopters equipped with Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare, which detected the missiles released, however, they did it not by radar, but by tracking the missile control signal.

“America is confident that American helicopters have intercepted the Russian Zircon. With the help of the AOEW electronic warfare system, the US can intercept all enemy anti-ship missiles, including hypersonic ones, in the early stages of launch. ", - about it сообщает the publication "DatViet" with reference to the American media.

It is noteworthy that during the tests of the newest Russian hypersonic missile "Zircon", in the waters of the Barents Sea, there was indeed a group of NATO ships, which could well have been tracking the launches of Russian cruise missiles.


The interception of zircon by helicopter is akin to the news about the Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus! Although about the vaccine is more plausible against the background of a helicopter-interceptor of a hypersonic missile!

Intercepted excess ...))) Interception of a target means its conditional destruction. When a Fighter accompanies an enemy bomber in peacetime, this in wartime indicates that the target has been detected and destroyed. Even if we assume that American helicopters detected the launch of a hypersonic Russian missile, this only means that for them this fact only means that they are reliably convinced that this type of weapon really exists in Russia. )))

It's good that they detected the launch, there will be time for them to pray, we are not wild animals ...

Captain America in Action! Electronic warfare funds were provided by Iron Man. Everything, drain the Zircon, water ...

Even not with a glance, but with the "power of thought".

Well, let them continue to imagine how they are knocked down, dreaming is not harmful.

but you no longer need to turn around;)

Yes, in the United States, they do not write any nonsense. Recently I found in the English-language Wikipedia that the B-52 is capable of taking on board 31 hypersonic missiles. I looked in the numerous American press, it turned out that there were only 4 pieces. This is exactly what it says. AGM-183 ARRW is a hypersonic weapon planned for use by the US Air Force. Developed by Lockheed Martin, it accelerates to Mach 20 with a range of 1600 km. But the estimated speed, as many say, turned out to be from 6 to 8 mach.

Helicopters are already flying supersonic ...

Any missile can be intercepted, no matter Zircon or not. But to destroy it will not work!

Right! And to show us all this on Channel One ...

We intercept NATO planes every other day, sometimes 2 at once. Also with a look.

They beguiled: it was a computer game.

Intercepted not intercepted .... only God knows ...!

So you can intercept takeoff, but you can't take cover

Well, yes, before the elections something needs to be written, this week there will be a heat of information.

Well, then already - "caught the eye"!

Like Zircon was one

If he really intercepted the control signal, then this is bad. Processing it and creating a model for electronic warfare equipment is a trivial task. С400, "zircon", ... I wonder what will be next?

Not there and not that launched. It was necessary to group zhahnut

That's for sure! And yet, as an option, in a dream.

This is from the category when White claimed that Povetkin did not knock him out)))

The turtles intercepted the cheetah. Sensation from the USA! :))

I would clarify: "looked after")

Nope, they appeared outside the White Sea from the side of the tundra and flew into the ice of the Arctic Ocean, where they were picked up by an icebreaker submarine, which made an emergency landing

American helicopters intercepted Russian Zircon missiles, and then overtook and destroyed them, then overtook and destroyed again, and so they (the helicopters) did eight times.

.. and then the helicopters escorted the missile to the target and turned back to America.

What did they intercept, with a net or what? And "to track the missile control signal." most likely there was information from the control equipment showing the parameters of the rocket flight

Yes, it's like boxing. I missed the right hook and losing consciousness the brain gives out: "and two eyes tracked."

Spotting is not intercepting.

Better to head it like this: "The pilots of the American helicopters intercepted the launch of the Russian missiles with a glance" ...