Israeli attacks


Media: Israel launched missile strikes against the base of radio intelligence in Russia. Video

Israeli aviation attacked a Russian military base in Syria.

According to Israeli media, on the night of June 12 2019, the Israeli Air Force launched new missile strikes on the territory of Syria. This time, the base of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, previously used jointly with the Syrian military, was hit.

“According to Arab information sources, the Israeli Air Force struck the air force, using F-16 aircraft during the operation. It is also reported that before the launch of the missiles, Israel blinded Syria's air defense, after conducting actions to ensure electronic security. Tel al-Hara is one of three sites in Syria that make up the so-called "triangle of death." At one time, the base of the radio intelligence intelligence of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Russia was located there. It was a joint object of the GRU and the Syrian army "- reports resource

It is noteworthy that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed this information, noting that he personally ordered the strikes against the former radio intelligence base of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

For what purpose these positions were hit, so far remains unknown, but a few hours ago there appeared information that Israel launched a series of rocket attacks on Damascus, but at the moment this information has not received official confirmation.

Surprised that so far Hezbollah has not struck back with Caliber cruise missiles at Dutch heights! may not have stuck a moment? Is the situation not so acute?

According to Israel 2-rockets Topol urgently needed and there will be peace in the world 101-% !!!

Israel just does nothing. So, outside the Kremlin, there were any links with ISIS or Islamist supporters.

Well, why is it with impunity? Will express concern ...

Notable words .... "At one time it housed the base of radio intelligence intelligence Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU)" Still need to add something ...?! Jews, there are Jews ...!

What is the base of the GRU RT intelligence? Awaken At the time of my youth (as it was in the past millennium) a more advanced technique was used. Usto disappeared, remove the plaster, the client leaves? Get off the palms and open your eyes! Or, at least, read more fake ....

the Jews completely lost fear. and ours silently shavali. soon after all the gang from the Kremlin would run there

Have ceased to be afraid! In fact, this is a declaration of war! The territory of our military base is sovereign, on par with our territory of Russia. And it does not matter that there are empty barrels - to answer the same, a good reason to try a new laser and hyper weapons!

The richest people in the world are Jews, therefore, they beat where they want and how much they want. Money rules the world.

Today with impunity for the former, and tomorrow with impunity for the present. Somewhere like that.

GDP has long been surrendering allies to Syria to Israel, giving it command of almost all military operations. Netanyahu understood that now it was possible to deliver strikes against Russian troops. Indulgence of betrayal is valid.

It is unlikely that the photo "Intelligence Base" .. What an ancient radar of a circular view and some kind of figure (experts, tell me) on the basis of already years as 100 unreleased ZIL-131. In general, more than all of this on the polygon target for practicing air strikes is similar.

again the Jews got a naguchili!))

And what, everything will remain unanswered? More and more I think that the Russian military cannot do anything. The principle is simple hit on the cheek, turn the other. Our urine, and we in the bushes. Something that GDP is not glued to you.

Do Jews have so much money? To hammer on each pile of abandoned scrap metal, so you can go bankrupt.

The GRU General Staff no longer exists, but there is the General Directorate of the General Staff. But there are still fuckers who believe in any ridiculous nonsense. The main thing is that in these fairy tales rashke-pidarashke was bad. From these tales, their mood rises.

Sir, it says in black and white: FORMER GRU base. You understand the former. Sucked?

This technique 80's Jews crap

Dimych, you're right, we only had this technique in the sixties, so it was clear that it was framed.

Something on the video is not visible and not audible. And if you look at the photo, then Zil 131 has long been in the army not in service.

In my opinion Stepanych is better to chew snot than to go into politics.

One and a half million Russian citizens and not only Jews live in Israel, and they are all de facto allies of Russia.
And Israel for the Russian Federation is more important than the Arabs, because it possesses the best military technologies and not only military ones.
The Arab countries practically all cooperate or are the United States conspirators. These are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, Jordan and Iraq - the main and richest.

When our leadership will go in defiance of the pro-Israel lobby or will pretend all the time that nothing terrible has happened.

instead of netanyahu petka

like you.

Well, where are our praised Chekist commanders, where are our well-fed hand Shoigi and other "capsidators"?
Again the languages ​​in the anus were poked, as with the "Kursk" ???

So why not want something? Like to get spitting and humiliation?

Yes, no one doubted that the deceased was a shahid. Alah Akbar

And for how long will ours get rid of spitting on all who feel like it ??? And what kind of "DISSOLVE" is that which everyone feels like ??? and what's the use of boasting about what we supposedly have weapons, if it does not apply? Our authorities, only their own people can shpynyat. And before the rest, they are laid like footmen.

Sho fired again? But when will it all end? Where are our invincible all-seeing C-300 and C-400, sho slept again, and pissed off the base.

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Threat Goi Alexander - is stupid Natsik Alexander of any nationality!

This complex was photographed at the dump Ukraine. Our complexes on the basis of KAMAZ, ZIL even on the roads can not be seen. Propoganda!

Well, where is the money for damage? If we had done this to them, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs would have shouted to the whole world that the money was uplifted!

Wait, the Chinese have not yet got involved in the Syrian-Israeli conflict (* of course, with the participation of Turkey ...) everything as Paisius predicted ... ahead of the end of the drama: neither Turkey nor the Jews will be on the world map

rashka can only fight in Syria
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It's time to bomb Tel Aviv. How long can you tolerate fools?

"At one time was ..." - that is, once there was this base, and now they bombed that?

It was necessary to serve in the army in order not to write garbage, we do not have such equipment in the army, and even more so in the GRU. Who needs it, to fight for it, the sofa warrior.

Who needs this non-working scrap metal.

It looks like the 40 station, there are even no such machines in the former CIS, it is not needed by anyone, if only the Gypsies pass for scrap. What is the cry, what nafik GRU, people hawking stuffing.

If this is true, then on our response, I have no words .... why are we silent and do not answer ....

that's the point, ours will not touch ours. As the Poles have said that we are cowardly and while the enemies do not fit Moscow, we will not wave.


They want to know the reaction of Russia. With a weak reaction, they can also hit the main bases.

So were the Russian soldiers at the moment of impact on this base or not? If this is a photo from that object, then judging by the technique, the last time we were there in the eighties.

And they prepared the coffins for themselves already, if that)

While we are chewing snot, the Jews are doing what they want, they are bombing, blinding the radar, they are delivering missiles. Now they bombed here, then bombed Tartus, and then what? And then all the Arabs together Russia will send far and to bow to the Americans.

So it will be to hammer the Jews stuck on the fault of Putin our military in Syria! Started always need to bring to the logical end, and not to be led by any Jews and Turks. Putin is plasticine!

Sobchak's mom said Vova. Don't touch the Jewish atoms. I will be offended and give you a booty!

Yes, if we want ours, then Israel will spread the country then with five rubles

Zakharova must express deep concern. Well, since there is no one to stop the bloody Jews, the Russian leadership should fly to Tel Aviv and kiss Netanyahu's gums.

we piss and pray for mercy