US base in Greece


Greece stands up for Iran and threatens to close US military bases

In Greece, the US military bases may be closed after threats to Iran.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has demanded the closure of the NATO military base in the country. The reason is the aggressive rhetoric of the United States of America against Iran.

RIA Novosti reports that the KKE’s statement says:

“The latest attacks on tankers in the Gulf of Oman again lay dynamite on the situation around Iran. The United States, as if ready-made in advance, has identified Iran as its target and is concentrating new military forces in the region. ”

The communists of Greece are convinced that the aggressiveness of the United States towards Iran, which has intensified over the past months, is connected with Israel’s plans to bomb Iran’s nuclear installations. This provides a risk both for Greece and for the whole world.

Communist Party of Greece calls “Close all US and NATO bases in Greece right now. Revoke all Greek military forces participating in NATO and EU missions ”.

On Thursday, June 13, Iranian and Arab media reported attacks on two oil tankers Front Altair and Kokuka Courageous in the Gulf of Oman. There is evidence of a torpedo attack that led to explosions and fires on ships. There are no official confirmations that it is about a torpedo attack.

Both crews of damaged tankers were evacuated to Iran. According to the owner of the vessel Front Altair, on board were 11 Russian citizens. There are no victims among them.

Someone very well exploits all of humanity: it provokes wars, incites some nations against others, hiding or discrediting one information and throwing in false information. False ideals give birth to a false life. This is not the United States, it is a cosmic scale forces that act through people and the hands of people. The USA is only an instrument of these forces. Since ALL WE live on this planet, there is no such thing among people, no matter who is interested in revealing this secret, no matter what place in society it holds.
Today we can talk about the zombies of all humanity distorted and deliberately false information, zombies people's minds, people's worldview. (See the film "The Matrix")
It is very convenient and effective to manage the masses of people (and all of humanity), throwing out pre-planned information to them and hiding certain knowledge. What decisions can a person (head of government) make based on incorrect, distorted information? Of course not true. And if the distorted information is the basis of our knowledge about the world: in science, religion, etc.? This means the wrong course of all mankind in its development ...
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The Communist Party of Greece can call as many as you want.
But in order to close the American bases of Greece, it is necessary to withdraw from NATO in which their "favorite" Turkey will remain.
The Greeks have never been idiots.

Everything is as usual. It would be better for the Greeks to be brought to a logical end. Russia will definitely not stand aside.

So there is a pattern that they themselves bummed about Vietnam, and they themselves climbed. They themselves found washing powder, and they climbed into Iraq. They themselves rushed off the towers, climbed in Afgan.

Citrus wants our loans again. And then he will throw again under the old bankruptcy scheme :)

In this case, the Greeks can only be welcomed, Davi Yankees and other NATO.