Assad and Putin


Media: Putin demanded that Assad pay 3 billion dollars for a military operation in Syria

Syria owed Russia 3 billion dollars for a military operation.

Initially, it was reported that Russia demanded that Syria pay an amount of one billion dollars for a military operation in that country against militants and terrorists, however, as it turned out, the declared amount was significantly higher and amounted to 3 billion.

It is noteworthy that information on claims to pay a multi-billion dollar amount appeared almost simultaneously in Western countries, arab и Russian The media, however, it is reported that Vladimir Putin himself put forward demands for payment for the work of the Russian military.

It must be emphasized that the data on Syria’s debt to Russia was also confirmed by Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, noting that the declared amount is not true, but he did not name the real one.

It should be clarified that the Western media claim that it is for this reason that several businessmen were arrested in Syria at once, however, it remains unknown whether Syria’s debt to Russia will affect the further conduct of the military operation in the Arab Republic, and whether the truce is caused given reason.

The dust on the side of Israel, let him demand money



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