Media: a submarine sank off the coast of Crimea

Off the coast of Crimea, a Russian submarine sank.

The TASS news agency, citing sources in the military-industrial complex, reports that today in the afternoon, off the coast of Crimea, under unknown circumstances, a Russian submarine sank in a floating dock sank. Information about the victims, at the moment, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy are not commented.

According to the Russian news agency, the incident occurred on the night of Saturday to Sunday, while it is mentioned that we are talking about a decommissioned dry dock and submarine, which no longer belong to the Black Sea Fleet. Under what circumstances this incident occurred - TASS sources do not specify, however, this is the second incident since the beginning of this week, in particular, it was previously reported about the Russian diesel-electric submarine Chita sunken off the coast of Nakhodka.

Given the information that the dry dock and submarine sank in the southern bay of Sevastopol, the question arises as to whether this incident created obstacles and dangers for the movement of other sea vessels, however, given the information of Marine Traffic, problems with movement in the area no incident.