Coronavirus in Russia


Media: in Russia, because of the coronavirus, there are totally no ventilation devices

In Russia, there are not enough mechanical ventilation devices.

According to the Russian media, referring to the data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, health care facilities located in the regions of the country were faced with a total shortage of mechanical ventilation devices.

“In the Russian regions at the moment there is a shortage of almost 9 thousand mechanical ventilation devices (IVL). This is evidenced by the results of requests of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, which were sent to cities, towns and villages of Russia. This number is based on indicative figures of a worsening epidemiological situation due to coronavirus: new infections are increasing, and those infected recover too slowly. Moreover, ventilators are not the only problem that caused the pandemic. It has been established that in Russia, in the event of an epidemiological situation worsening, there may be a lack of special ECMO devices - extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (to saturate the patient’s cells with oxygen), isolation boxes and mobile x-rays ”- сообщает "Live 24".

Earlier it was reported that Russian hospitals are fully equipped with all necessary medical equipment and devices, however, given the worsening situation with the spread of coronavirus in Russia, this can lead to very serious problems.

Considering that the cost of one ventilator is about 15 thousand dollars, to ensure all needs from the budget it is necessary to allocate about 130-150 million dollars.

and that there are no other diseases where mechanical ventilation is needed

So it interested me. The media tells many tales around the world ...

so they have long been in Italy and the USA

why do we need equipment? US needs help, it’s more important

The namesake is not fair to write off))))

Likely money is needed for cutting.

In Russia, currently about 47 thousand ventilation devices. In the coming months, Russian companies will produce 5-10 thousand of these devices. Also, mechanical ventilation ordered in China.
Most likely in the regions they want mechanical ventilation under each bed.

Strange, however. In Russia, about 3 thousand infected have been registered, but not enough already TOTALLY not enough 9 thousand ventilation devices. Like this ?