Soviet X-55 missile suppressed US Parriot systems and successfully destroyed target

Yemeni rebels used the Soviet X-55 cruise missile to attack Saudi Arabia.

The reason for the destruction of the largest oil refineries in Saudi Arabia was not the drones used by the Yemeni rebels, but the Soviet X-55 cruise missiles or its copies created in Yemen. This is indicated by the rocket fragments found at the sites of the explosion, and it was this Soviet missile that was able to completely suppress the American Patriot air defense / missile defense systems.

The version about the use of the Soviet missile or its copy is confirmed by the South Front information and news resource, which states that we can also talk about the Iranian missile, created on the basis of the Soviet X-55.

In fact, cruise missiles could easily bypass the American Patriot systems, although at least two of them were shot down, which already raised a number of doubts about the reliability of the American air defense / missile defense systems in the event of a massive strike.

Moreover, experts report that Saudi Arabia can only use the decision to purchase Russian Pantsir-S air defense systems to protect its territory, since this is the only reliable air defense system to date that could repel a massive strike by cruise missiles in Syria .

Well, the drones created a cloud of false targets, the Iranians hit the X-55 from aircraft. Sounds like the truth.

Ukrainians in 2001, Iran was sold to China

X-55 - air-based only. No other way. Do not write nonsense.

Yeah, "caliber" and not "Mace".

So, the old strategic X-55 cruise missile, and not the Russian Caliber!