Joint Aviation Space


The creation of SAP between Ukraine and the EU will take place at the end of June

June 5. The signing of a pact of documents on the creation of a joint aviation space between Ukraine and the EU countries will take place on June 27.

A new date for this very important event was announced today, but it has not been finally approved by the European Parliament. Nevertheless, even if the contract is signed on the scheduled date, it will take effect only in 2015 year, after the announcement of the summer season is open.

According to the head of the State Aviation Service, most of the airports in the country already fall under the criteria, however, this does not apply to all of the country's air ports. First of all, each airport will have to undergo a separate certification, and only after that it will be approved positively, but nevertheless, given that a number of the country's air ports require repair of the runway, the signing of the document pact will most likely be postponed to a later date.


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