NATO Air Force


About 20 NATO planes immediately staged a large-scale raid on the air defense of the Crimea

About 20 NATO planes staged a raid on Russian air defense systems in Crimea.

An active jamming of air defense systems deployed on the territory of the Crimea was noticed this afternoon by NATO. According to available data, at least 8 aircraft of various types, equipped with electronic suppression and electronic reconnaissance, were in the immediate vicinity of the Crimean Peninsula, creating serious obstacles to the normal operation of Russian radars, thereby depriving the Russian military of the ability to control the movement of US Air Force and Air Force combat aircraft. Ukraine in the northern direction.

In addition to various non-combat assets, it also became known about the transfer of strategic bombers B-52 of the US Air Force to the area, which were practicing strikes on the territory of the Crimea, the southern coast of Russia and, probably, Russian military bases. In total, we are talking about two dozen military aircraft that staged a raid on Crimea.

“The composition of NATO aviation is currently in the Black Sea. Arrival of #Boeing B-52H Stratofortress strategic bomber group is expected ", - about it сообщает "Telegram" is the "PlaneRadar" channel that monitors the air situation.

At the moment, there is no information about the possible opposition to such provocations by NATO, which raises questions about whether the situation was under the control of the Russian military.

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Nobody occupied Crimea, take it once and for all. Crimea has always been Russian, and Ukraine has always put a spoke in its wheels, then the Constitution of the Crimea will be canceled, then they will come up with something else. You will also pay us for using someone else's property. Better keep quiet about the Georgians, they asked for it themselves, they began to kill Russian peacekeepers, say thank you that they did not reach Tbilisi.

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NATO simply gives Russia a clear signal that it will not leave Ukraine alone, and considers the territory of Ukraine to be its sphere of influence. The whole world knows that after such Russian "exercises" the war began in Georgia and the occupation of Crimea.