The USA dealt a sneaky blow to Russia, despite humanitarian aid

The United States thanked Russia for the humanitarian aid with a stab in the back.

Despite the fact that U.S. President Donald Trump personally thanked Russia for providing medical masks and specialized medical equipment, it became known that, as a thank you, the US military conducted another provocation near the borders of Russia, sending two military aircraft at once to the Crimean borders. in order to obtain data on the operation of Russian air defense systems.

According to open sources, surveillance at the borders of Russia was carried out by a strategic unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4 Global Hawk and a radio-technical reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135. Given the difficult situation with the spread of coronavirus throughout the world, the United States did not refuse new military provocations.

“It is fair to say that Washington could well refuse to conduct military operations near the borders of Russia, however, in the USA they believe that COVID-19 can only weaken the vigilance of the Russian military. By the way, the Italian military also went along such a path, sending their warship armed with cruise missiles to the Crimean borders. It’s impossible to call it a stab in the back, and this is against the background of how Russia provided free aid to both the USA and Italy. ”, - the analyst notes.

According to existing data, there were no violations of the borders of the Russian Federation.

they did the right thing. Nothing to lick (so that sanctions are lifted from friends)

Catherine, do not drive the misinformation. Paid 50%. That is, they were given for half the cost. Could give nothing at all. But nothing that they told us during the war, did they sell us their glands at exorbitant prices on Lend Lease? So for our part it is more than a broad gesture.

how many wolves do not feed .....

For some reason, Russia does not help Iran, although it seems like allies. Iran is offended.

Everyone will be responsible for their actions, do not worry!

but is it nothing that the leadership of our country against its own people pursues an anti-people’s policy helping the whole world and spitting on its own people, in anticipation of it being bent or scrambled out by itself?

tell me who knows which battery in CESSNA 182 R 1976

Actually, amers paid for "humanitarian aid". I wonder what the money will go for - to buy Chinese masks?

Do not do good - you will not receive evil


Yes, it’s written correctly, let them fly. We’ll tell them later: “Sorry, we didn’t know that it was invisible”

smart make friends. stupid enemies

We did not forget how they helped when Hitler raged.

These oligarchs should be kicked out of Russia in the USA

Terrorists also need humanitarian assistance.
America and Italy believe that Russia is afraid of them, and therefore humanitarian aid is sucking in front of them.
Now, like no one else, Russia itself needs help, in which we cannot find toilet paper for use as masks.
Help must be provided, but not to your enemies!

But in our pharmacies there are no antiseptics and masks, hospitals lack equipment. The Russian government is giving away to others what is lacking for its people.

People say in such cases: "they teach fools for good deeds"

That's right. Our people think that someone will be grateful for the humanitarian aid. I always say that a person is the most ungrateful cattle, you eat, feed, iron, she knows her master and is grateful to him, and Americans and Italians by the principle: smiling in the eyes, and holding a hand in a pocket with a knife.

Yes, everything is fine. Sent. Ours were trained, they did not sit still. All ay was, it will be so. Even with masks all of America fall asleep.

Nobody died of bleach except infection, and everything can be prohibited. only - it will be stupid.

How many wolves do not feed, but the elephant has more

I do not believe Americans

As V.V.Zhirinovsky said, there is no need to help anyone. And Russia, as always, helps everyone.

Yes, let them fly)
What does a stab in the back have to do with it?

buying in stores is humanitarian or not?

We must have close enemies, and distant friends!

no rogue friends.

Surrender, as in the 41st entire personnel Red Army + Siberian mobilized.

The psychology of American rulers - the psychology of slaveholders, dealt a sneaky blow despite help - the slave's reasoning.

At the time of Khrushchev, when the Soviet Union helped anyone free of charge, there was a caricature: Khrushchev in his tattered shorts spread his arms and shouted "Who should I help?" The situation is repeating itself.

All these "lessons" have not been in use for a long time. The smart one learns from the mistakes of others, and Russia continues with her own. And most importantly - does not recognize them

Destruction by landing on Red Square?

And if you accidentally bend over, then you can still get something somewhere. This is international life.

How much can you humble yourself in front of the USA?
When does it end?

And we are their TOMATOES ..!

Let’s people remain people, because life is the most precious thing we have, people you want to live! Stop fighting, life itself is important

Now, the leadership of our country should think about whether it is worthwhile to provide assistance to states that have an openly hostile policy towards Russia. The USA used to set Hitler against the Soviet Union, and Italy generally fought on the side of Hitler Germany. You need to remember the Russian proverb “Hunchback will only correct the grave "It would be better if the money spent on humanitarian aid of the United States and Italy would be directed to increase the military pensioners to cancel the derogating coefficient. Please note that no one will help us if something happens. They and their sou Zniks and associates are denied assistance.

This America will never help, the only thing it can supply is rockets and bombs on the heads of civilians.

Let it keep at the same pace

In the framework of your logic, it would be quite normal to send the humanitarian aid to Hitler in the bunker in April 45th.

The back should also be in body armor.

So what? Standard procedures: they fly along our borders, we along their borders. So it was, is and will be.

Russia has no friends, and on any side, wait for the knife in the back!

"Good" Lesson milking Russia, do not have to be "a plug in every barrel."

You are right on 100%

Genaras flooded floors in Italy, is banned worldwide as a carcinogen. Therefore, no one has lived in that hostel for a long time. And if he lived, he would certainly die.

Do not do good, you will not get an ax in the back.

Strange course humanitarian aid to the richest in the world
country from a poor people declared by the US leadership
the "evil empire," the main enemy of America, which has imposed all sorts of sanctions on Russia, and goes to any action to destroy our homeland. And we give them humanitarian aid, moreover, with some kind of incomprehensible partial payment. In whose pocket? And this is at a time when it is impossible to find anywhere even the simplest masks, with the flowing stream of information about taking in excess of sufficient measures to combat this disease. It is not possible to understand the words and deeds of the leadership of the state.

This is not Russia sent a noise. Help is a bunch of aligarchs sent help to their children living in the states

The author did not drive. In the USA, the humane slipper was not charitable. The Chinese owner Alibaba.kom donated to Russia. Our Solntselikiy resold the USA. Zakharova confirmed this.

Nothing terrible happened, there is no need to aggravate the situation, it needs to concentrate on its own country and return to normal life as soon as possible, Russia will now have all the necessary facilities and means of protection, in the event of a biological war !!!

Another “good” lesson in Russia is that you don’t have to be a “plug in every barrel”.

means their violation! And humanitarian aid is free, not for money.

15 boards flew to Italy

There is no need to complain to the world about the ingratitude of those to whom you yourself voluntarily help. Want to punish them? So give a decent answer !!! Russia has everything for this !!! With the help of electronic warfare, burn their electronics and let them become completely dependent on the waves of the Black Sea. I think that we have other ways to scare them from our borders !!!


What was to be expected. Humpbacked and the death of people cannot be fixed !!! Ordinary people thank my Motherland RUSSIA, and destroy the politicians. RUSSIA DOES NOT WIN !!!

There will be a lot of work for this writer. A huge and effective military machine is only turning in the direction of chaos on the world stage. Isn't that what they diligently sought?

As the saying goes in Russian do not do good you will not get evil, not Russian chtoli

You need to listen to TV where officials speak, and not the Internet, where everyone, a sofa professional, considers himself the best expert or nits like Navalny for destabilization and disinformation in Russia. Zakharova, yesterday explained that the cargo sent to America, paid half by our foundation, and half from the American side, but nevertheless this cargo is still considered humanitarian. Since Russia, although it is not even correctly said, the president might not offer help at all. This is called mutual assistance, that is, God forbid, of course there will be a peak, as they have now, they will also help.

In the best times of the USSR, attempts to penetrate the airspace of the country led to the destruction of the aircraft.

Absolutely nothing happened.

Nothing terrible happened. There was no violation of the border. Nobody is stopping Russia from using electronic warfare equipment in response. You can change the coordinates, you can turn off all the electronics or burn it for both. You can try and take control of an expensive UAV and put it somewhere in the Crimean steppe or drive it into the Krasnodar Territory. There are many options. In any case, the hunt to crawl near our Crimea can be beaten off easily, or maybe palm off the misinformation, who knows. In general, the usual thing and no "knives in the back" sounds silly.

But nothing that masks and equipment we sold to them! There was no humanitarian aid!

God bless America!

I think this should be expected ... Further, there will be more, I have not believed in humanity for a long time, I believe in cold calculation more!

The Americans are doing all kinds of sanctions and clearings for us, we are helping them, 14 flights ended up sending a bear service to Italy.

wanted the best, but it turned out as always

stab in the back are called actions against Russia of the allied states. And the actions of a potential adversary will always be called the actions of the enemy. And humanitarian aid is everyone’s personal affair

It's a shame. But ...

It seems that Russia has a back on four sides!

When you are already finished fooling us, some say that this is a paid supply, others that humanitarian aid is free of charge. It seems to me that you are so lied that you yourself will no longer understand where the truth is and where the lie is. Deal with yourself, with your brains, tidy them up, otherwise you are not far from a fool.

Do not inflate an elephant from a fly. The airspace of Russia was not disturbed. Author, be an adequate person. Our planes also fly along the borders of the camps, NATO members.

many ordinary Americans advocate friendship with Russia, it is a pity that they will not be heard and will not be heard, and they are sincerely grateful for the help

and what did you expect then. wait some more sanctions will be introduced.

While NATO scouts flew far from Crimea, our military aircraft flew over the most protected missile defense area of ​​the United States. Then they landed and unloaded gauze masks

And you help even more, let your own without masks hang around the country. Nothing, they are Russian people are accustomed to everything.

good NATO thanked for humanitarian aid