Bomber B-52


USA: Our B-52 bombers will be around the world.

The United States intends to regularly send strategic bombers abroad

The TASS news agency, referring to the head of the command of the US Air Force global strike General Timothy Ray, reports that this command has decided to regularly deploy large-scale strategic bombers abroad on a temporary basis.

Ray spoke about this, commenting on the recent transfer to the UK of six B-52H strategic bombers. Such transfers, the general said, the United States will also carry out in other regions.

Rey recommends taking such actions by the US to the whole world. Bombers will be transferred to where the operational zone of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces is located. As the general explained, the States will do so because of the new rivalry of the great powers.

The head of command said that the United States must be able to deliver high-precision strikes anywhere on the planet. This is necessary "in order to support the allies and promote stability." That is why it has already been decided to transfer strategic bombers not only to Europe, but also to Southeast Asia, to the Middle East.

Regarding the issue of the constant presence of strategic bombers on the island of Guam, which is “constant pressure on the DPRK”, Rei prefers not to give a specific answer, but only reports that “this is a consultation being held” on this issue.