Shot down aircraft


It became known about the losses of Israel during the attack on Syria

Syrian air defense systems shot down four Israeli aircraft.

The night before, Israel had treacherously tried to strike at Syrian territory, hiding behind civilian aircraft in the airspace of Lebanon and the Syrian Arab Republic. However, the Syrian air defense systems not only intercepted all missiles launched at Damascus, but also deprived the Israeli military of four aircraft.

At the moment it is known that we are talking about reconnaissance aircraft, which are small balloons with equipment attached to them. According to preliminary data, the aircraft performed two tasks at once — they detected the positions of the air defense systems and corrected the fire.

Despite the statement by Israel that all facilities in the suburbs of Damascus were successfully hit, the Israeli side has not provided any evidence yet, which is only propaganda, however, the fact that Israel did not maintain contact with the Russian military air base raises more questions. Hmeymim, which is a direct violation of agreements with Russia, and may well have consequences for Tel Aviv.

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What rejoice is ... Impunity shelling of the territory of a neighboring state ... And if you compare the cost of spent rockets and the cost of aerostatics, then you generally need to cry ..

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"... we defend only our base from militants ..."
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About these consequences speak from the very beginning of the conflict, where are they already? or do something (shoot down at least one plane, not a drone or drone), or accept it as it is, we will not shoot down anyone there, and we are silent, protecting only our base from the militants

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