It became known about the tests in Syria of two Russian military vehicles - "Kurganets" and "Boomerang"

The latest Russian armored personnel carriers were tested in combat conditions of Syria.

The unique Russian armored personnel carriers “Kurganets” and “Boomerang” were tested in Syria following the latest Russian T-14 “Armata” tank. According to some reports, this military equipment could be tested in Syria along with a heavy Russian tank, and probably also in real combat conditions, as was seen with most samples of Russian military equipment tested in the Arab Republic.

The initial test of the Russian armored personnel carriers “Boomerang” and “Kurganets” in Syria was reported by the Russian military publication Military Review. There was no real evidence for this, however, given the fact that this technique is considered promising, this is not a unique event.

“Much more interesting is the fate of other cars, which are also" silent "today. But which are mentioned in a statement by Denis Manturov published by RIA Novosti: "I can say in advance that the Kurganets-25 and Boomerang tests are planned to be completed in 2022." Many people remember that almost every year the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the manufacturers of these military vehicles say that “now, literally tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or at least the next year”, the army will receive new infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Naturally, there has already been talk about the fact that samples of these machines will also be sent for testing in Syria. I must admit that this is not the first campaign "to send to Syria" such armored vehicles "- reports the publication "Military Review".

It is noteworthy that this Russian military equipment really should be tested in real combat conditions and therefore the appearance of new data on its testing in Syria may well correspond to reality. On the other hand, the Russian defense department has not yet commented on Manturov’s statement that the T-14 Armata heavy tank was tested in the Arab Republic.