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NATO countries refuse to conduct exercises at Russian borders at the request of the United States

NATO countries responded to the United States with a refusal to demand to hold military exercises near Russian borders.

A number of NATO countries refused to conduct provocative military exercises near the borders of the Kaliningrad region, despite the demands of Washington. According to representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance, provocative actions will not only not improve relations with Russia, but will also create an additional threat to the military bloc itself.

It is known that countries such as Germany, Denmark, Belgium and France responded with a refusal to the offer of American military partners. Moreover, the reason is "the inexpediency of such maneuvers." This behavior of the European partners of the United States in NATO excited the American media, against the background of which the European countries were threatened at all with the refusal of the United States from further protection.

“Why are the Air Forces (Air Forces) of Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany not conducting major military operations near the zones of Russian interests, namely, near the Kaliningrad region? Located between the Baltic Sea and NATO member states Poland and Lithuania, Kaliningrad is essentially a Russian military stronghold. Russian military aircraft taking off in the Kaliningrad region regularly test NATO air defense systems and sometimes quite successfully. But the question remains - why are more members of this alliance not deploying their forces? ", - said in the material of the Washington Examiner.

It is noteworthy that earlier the European media reported about Europe's lack of desire to escalate the situation with Russia, especially since military maneuvers serve exclusively the interests of the United States, while the participation of the Pentagon itself in any exercises is minimal.

they do not want, as Lavrov said, to be not partners of the United States but targets of the Russian Federation.

Just the first bell ... BUT! What's the trend !!!!!

Yes, the United States needs to be defended,

I am glad that sensible people have begun to appear in the NATO "camp". Further, there will be more of them. And, this is very good for Russia.

In Europe they know, and not only everything, that we do not need dollars and euros. We will come and take all the gold. Loot.

And what do you order those who, in any case, become cannon fodder? There are not so many alternatives: either you are cannon fodder for the Pentagon, or for the RF Ministry of Defense. Oh yes, you can become meat for the PRC. With such a wealth of choice, meat can easily find the best option.

Will they refuse to defend? How to defend? How is it in Afghanistan?

It's just that Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany have more brains than the United States, only the states need a war in essence.

And don't you know that Germany attacked the United States and the United States plays a key role in the fight against fascism.

To rake in the heat with someone else's hands, there won't be enough bumpers.

And who did the United States protect from Hitler? He marched across Europe until the USSR broke off his horns, and then America drew up to share the skin

Have they really begun to understand that the European members of NATO are the cannon fodder of the United States in a conflict with Russia or China?)