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Sudan demanded that the Russian military immediately leave the territory of the state

The Sudanese authorities demanded that the Russian military leave the territory of Sudan.

The authorities of the African state, where the construction of the Russian naval base had begun earlier, demanded that the Russian military curtail all work on the construction of the Russian naval base, remove all military equipment and leave the country. The information appeared against the background of information that the authorities of this state had tore up the agreement signed with the Russian side earlier on the start of construction of a military facility.

“Sudan asked Russia to evacuate all equipment and supplies sent to Port Sudan to create a military base on the Red Sea. Last week, there were reports of the suspension of an agreement between the two countries to establish a naval facility that would house 300 Russian troops and four ships in the Red Sea. A Sudanese official told Asharq newspaper that the Sudanese naval command had summoned the Russian lieutenant general to Port Sudan and informed him of the government's decision to stop their deployment at the Flamingo military base. In addition, the naval command “demanded that the Russian general withdraw all military equipment, radars and communication devices that were installed at the base. Asharq reported that a Russian warship moored in the port of Port Sudan on Friday to transport equipment and supplies outside Sudan and left the port with the equipment a few hours later. ", - reports the Sudan edition "Sudan Tribune".

There are no official comments from Russia on this matter, however, the key reason for the breakdown of the agreement between the two countries is the unauthorized sending of its military equipment by Russia to this country, as well as the construction of another military facility in the country, on which there were no agreements.

“Some sources reported that the Russian fleet sent equipment and supplies to the Flamingo base without informing the Sudanese side. In addition, the Russian facility was supposed to be located in a different area, and not at the base of the Sudanese army. The Sudanese military was surprised that the Russian army began to establish its base inside the Flamingo ", - the edition marks.

Do you understand the difference between BASE and Logistics Point ????

surprisingly but not enough

Probably again chapyga and bashirov are to blame?

And since when has a naval base been commanded by a land lieutenant general?

It doesn't matter which one. Forgiven, like all other Papuans. Why, we have money in bulk, we don’t know where to put it.

Yes, this is a newspaper duck, using information that Russian cargo is in transit through the base. They issued a further transfer as his expulsion at the request of Sudan. For what it is necessary, someone will see further, someone 3 decided to crank up his game on this topic. Because the aggravation of relations with Russia, Sudan is now extremely unprofitable. They already with great difficulty persuaded Russia to provide various assistance in exchange for this naval base and to break everything now this is the height of idiocy which only absolutely, completely sold-out individuals suffer from. This is not planned here, so this is some kind of scam 3 persons

a month ago in Sudan there was a military delegation from the United States - is the answer clear?

Another duck.

Is 300 sailors a military base? Are you seriously? the American base stationed in Germany is 30 thousand people

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The time program has already reported this. The news is out of date.

I had foreseen this before.

How much debt does Sudan have?

The suspension of the agreement on the creation of a support point for the Russian fleet in Sudan was reported by the TV channels Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that there is no official confirmation of this information

Where are the RF requirements for the return of Soviet and Russian loans to this country? How much will we squander (give, forgive) nat. welfare? That our country doesn't need money?
And also a forfeit for canceling the consent to host our base.