Airport blast


Taliban bombed Kabul airport

The Taliban staged a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport.

The Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Staged a terrorist attack at the Kabul International Airport. The explosion was staged by a suicide bomber. Sources report dozens of wounded, but no information about the victims has been announced by the current hour.

A few hours earlier, British intelligence agencies reported that terrorists were planning to set up an explosion at the Kabul airport, but the exact time of the attack was unknown. Despite the issued warning, hundreds of refugees were still at the entrance to the airport, which is why the number of victims is so high.

It is known that the Taliban, who were guarding the Kabul airport, left their positions just a few minutes before the explosion. At the same time, the motive for the terrorist act by the Taliban may be an attempt to block access to the air harbor, as well as intimidation, not only of the local population, but also of the foreign military contingent.

It is reported that immediately after the exploding explosion both inside the airport and outside the air harbor, a firefight broke out. It is also reported that the Taliban fired in the direction of foreign aircraft evacuating citizens from Afghanistan.


As of 17:40, there are 13 people killed, including children.

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