Catastrophe Ethiopia


TV presenter "NTV" accused of insulting the victims of the disaster of Boeing 737

Inappropriate gesture by a TV presenter during a story about the death of "Boeing" recognized as blasphemy

Restoring the picture of the crash of Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia and using the screen on which the plane crash was modeled, the NTV presenter Dann Mwangi made a gesture that was considered inappropriate. At that moment, when the liner on the screen collapsed on the ground and exploded, Mwangi pretended to wave off smoke and disappeared from the frame.

Spectators NTV and colleagues in the shop harshly criticized the leader in social networks. His behavior was called blasphemy. Here are a few lines from the comments: "Disgusting", “From“ on NTV ”such characters”, “Kenyan fellows died in this accident, and he had the courage to joke about it.”, "Heartless, to say the least".

The TV channel, which showed the performance of Mwangi, called “vile” and “shameful”, was described by users of social networks as unethical and immoral. The next day, Mwangi posted his letter online, in which he apologized for the inappropriate gesture.

In the disaster that occurred in Ethiopia, the death toll reached 157 people. These are citizens of 33 countries. Among them are three Russians - Sergey Vyalikov, Alexander Polyakov, Ekaterina Polyakova.

Over the past five months, this is the second Boeing 737 MAX 8 disaster. After the incident, airlines around the world began to abandon this model.

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