Three American ships staged a "chase" for a Russian submarine in the Atlantic Ocean

Three US warships and two submarines tried to block a Russian nuclear submarine in the Atlantic Ocean.

The US military once again staged a provocation against Russia. According to the information provided, two nuclear submarines of the US Navy Virginia and Los Angeles, as well as three naval vessels USS McFaul and USS Arleigh Burke and USS Wasp staged a chase and tried to block the movement of a Russian nuclear submarine in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

In connection with what exactly the aggression was undertaken against the Russian submarine is unknown, but there was no immediate threat, since there was no Russian nuclear submarine in the area.

“The commander of the Atlantic Fleet's submarine forces, Vice Admiral Daryl Caudle, speaking to reporters, said that as part of the Black Widow 2020 exercise,“ potential combat scenarios ”were worked out to combat Russian nuclear submarines. At the same time, he noted that the American fleet "is improving the skills of" anti-submarine warfare "against the background of Russia's active expansion of its presence in the waters off the coast of the United States." Russia has been weak for over a decade and has allowed many people to think that the homeland is beyond the reach of Russian forces. Our homeland is no longer a refuge. We must be ready to conduct intense combat operations in coastal waters - said the vice admiral "- сообщает Military Review

It should be noted that such provocative actions by the United States may well lead in the future to real emergency situations and conflicts, especially since the incident itself took place in the neutral waters of the Atlantic Ocean.