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Turkey wants to buy Russian S-500

Turkey has declared a great interest in the Russian S-500 air defense systems.

Against the background of the appearance of information that the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense systems have successfully passed all the required tests and will be adopted by the Russian army in the near future, it became known that Turkey, which, obviously , was extremely pleased with the Russian S-400 Triumph complexes.

Ankara has not yet received official inquiries from Ankara regarding the acquisition of the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense systems, however, there are two serious problems that may interfere with Turkey's plans to acquire Russian weapons.

“It is important to understand that, in fact, Turkey has no opponents who can use strategic ballistic missiles against Ankara to repel strikes, for which the S-500 systems were created. Moreover, a key obstacle for Turkey is the fact that in the coming years Russia does not plan to send these weapons for export at all. Moreover, if we are talking about the sale of these systems to a NATO member country ", - the expert marks.

A little earlier it became known that at the moment Russia is not engaged in the development of long-range air defense / missile defense systems, but is concentrating on increasing the effectiveness of existing types of weapons, and is also developing defense means based on new physical principles.

What Turkey. First, you need to equip your air defenses. The complex is only being tested.
Let the S-400 enjoy while

Turkey wants to buy the S-500 to protect itself from Israeli ballistic missiles armed with atomic bombs. The second largest army in the Middle East after Turkey is Israel. Israel is the biggest threat to Turkey's national security.

Russia will agree if Turkey joins the CSTO.

Figures to the Turks, not the S-500! They wanted to admit the United States to the S-400, or maybe they did ... For a "candy" from the United States they will sell everything!